Ministries of the Public Service and Sustainable Development to conduct Mid-Year Performance Review

Ministries of the Public Service and Sustainable Development to conduct Mid-Year Performance Review
Minister Dr. James Fletcher
Public Service Minister Dr. James Fletcher

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministries of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting and Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology will conduct a mid-year review of their performance on Friday 21st November, 2014.

Both these ministries, which fall under the purview of Hon. James Fletcher, recently completed comprehensive strategic planning exercises, where they developed strategic plans to guide their performance over the next five years.

The mid-year review has become an annual feature of the work programme of the two ministries and this is the third one to be held since Hon. James Fletcher assumed responsibility for the portfolios.

During Friday’s whole-day exercise, the divisions and units in the two ministries are expected to report on their achievements for the period April to September 2014, their priorities for the remainder of the Financial Year and the areas in which they have fallen short in delivering on their respective work programmes.

In addition to the staff of the two ministries, the Chief Executives of the statutory bodies that fall under the jurisdiction of Minister Fletcher, namely the Water and Sewerage Company, Radio Saint Lucia Company Ltd. and the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority, will also provide reports on their stewardship of these agencies.

This exercise is part of the monitoring and evaluation framework that forms an integral part of the governance of the ministries and allows them to critically assess their performance and make any mid-year adjustments necessary to help achieve their goals and objectives. As part of the new governance agenda for the two ministries, they also collaborate in the production of a joint Annual Performance Report, which is tabled in Parliament by Hon. James Fletcher during the annual debate on the Estimates of Expenditure.


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