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Minister to review laws regarding domestic violence and circulation of pornagraphic material

By SNO Staff

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Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert

Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert

Laws regarding domestic abuse and pornographic material will be reviewed, according to Gender Relations Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert.

The minister, speaking to reporters, said that in order to respond to such crimes adequately, changes in legislature are essential since existing laws are archaic.

“That legislation dates back to the early 1990’s and so we have flagged it as one of the pieces of legislation in urgent need of review. We also recognise, given the circulation or recent pornographic pieces, especially involving young people, that we ought to assess the extent to which our laws adequately allow for us to respond to those kinds of incidents,” she said.

“While in opposition, when you hear of those ugly incidents, the instinctive reaction is one of outrage and disgust. When in government, what I have done and what one is expected to do, given the seat that one now occupies, is to ask for a comprehensive review of all the legislation that speaks to issues of domestic violence and that speak to issues regarding inappropriate sexual behaviour,” she added.

Dr. Rigobert recently assembled with the attorney general, acting commissioner of police and national security minister to discuss domestic violence legislation.

She commended civil society organisations that engage in activism on matters of domestic and sexual violence. She called for more of this.

A number of the murders recorded this year in St. Lucia has been a result of domestic violence and there has been a recent spike in the circulation of sexually explicit videos involving youngsters on the island.

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  1. Please raise the profile of women, by fearlessly advocating the equal treatment of women in education, training and in employment circumstances. They need equal pay too, when doing the exact same work that men do. Thank you.

    The word "respect" has many aspects to it. When women can hold their own, without abusive males, the related crime statistic will automatically decline percentage-wise. This country must stop mouthing it. Put some legislation in place.

    Train more drafters of legislation and not just lawyers. We need better laws.

  2. Are you a lawyer?...just asking because I don't know.

    If you were interested in this why are you only looking at the laws now?

    Do you have more time now?

  3. How can the minister of national security discuss legislation for something he does habitually. NONE of these persons commented on the minister of finance sending nude photos to a young lady who was an internee in his ministry. why didnt the press ask Dr. Rigobert about that? or is it that they are trying to be nice so that another of them to get a job


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