Minister Shawn Edward a no-show at International Youth Day event

Minister Shawn Edward a no-show at International Youth Day event
Minister Shawn Edward
Minister Shawn Edward
Minister Shawn Edward

Several young people have expressed their disappointment with the Ministry of Youth Development and Sport for not sending a senior representative to the International Youth Day celebrations.

Some of them have taken their concerns to social media and said the absence of the Minister Shawn Edward and other officials from that ministry speaks volumes.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the minister and another senior official were expected to attend and speak at the UNDP-sponsored event, but both persons did not show up.

These young people have also expressed disappointment with the way in which the event was put together and generally how International Youth Day was celebrated here.

Another youth who asked not to be named said: “The ceremony planned though short was enjoyable, hats off to the organizers. However the number of young persons in attendance was disheartening and so much more could have been done to showcase youth on a day that belongs to us.”

However, an official from the Youth Ministry told SNO that the event was solely organized by the National Youth Council (NYC) and the ministry only assisted with providing mattresses to the NYC to help board a few youths.

The official further explained that there was a mix up with the programme, where the NYC placed the minister’s name down to speak, but the council never got any confirmation.

According to the ministry official, the minister was out of state and could not attend the event and no one was available to fill in for him, which is the reason why no senior official was in attendance.

The source said that August is usually a bad time, because this is the period when most of the ministry staff take their annual vacation leave and there is always limited staff during this time.

In trying to explain why they might have had poor attendance, the official said a lot of young people are either on vacation in other countries or have already signed up for other summer activities.

He said that National Youth Month is celebrated every April and ministry places a lot of focus on ensuring that these activities are well attended and organised, while at the same time showcasing the island’s youth.

International Youth Day was observed on Wednesday, August 12, in several countries across the world.


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  1. i think nyc is only there for themselves. sum of them travelling everywhere and i dont see anything substantial in what they are doing. nothing feasible. stop trying to make this a political issue. if mr shepherd wasnt busy travelling eveywhere and miss victor wasnt busy with work maybe the attendance would have been better. then again, i heard the other exec members are fighting miss victor down so much. its sad. they all want the power to travel n get perks n for it to look good on the cv but nothing tangible. the youth doesnt care about these orgs anymore cuz they have not been effective in the past and there is slim hope for the future. the minister is out of island. why is he to blame? smh. crabs in a barrel.


  2. The Ministry of Youth Development and Sport don't focus on Youth Development their main focus is on sports. Imagine sports awards was at Sandals Grande however youth awards was at the Marigot school and they came out with some lame excuse.


  3. Seems like this was not well organized from the NYC standpoint. How can they put the Minister down to speak when they have not received confirmation that he would attend? There was no senior person at the Ministry who could attend in the Minister's absence? Everyone is on vacation? This is laughable. This Ministry is becoming more of a joke every day; can't get anything right.


  4. This sounds very unprofessional on the NYC part...A confirmation should have been sought from the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports before putting the Minister down to do the feature address on the program...How did they know whether the Ministry receive the information or not?..Did anyone bother to make a call?


  5. NYC poorly organised this event, NYC has a president with a president , it's only the second vice and the secretary working their buts off to pull of these events the president just jump in, stop disappointing the young ppl. Madame pres go n do ur marketing job and let the youth that have the time do their thing cuz u ain't doing shit


    • Minister Edwards has taken youth development and sports to unprecedented heights in his short stint as minister. His record cannot be matched.


    • Are you referring to Marcus Nicolas, sorry Mr Edward is MP, this is a lie the Rep attends every event in the Valley when informed. Las manti vieux flambo


  6. The President of NYC was to busy doing her marketing job for Digicel , this of course negatively impacted the entire event. Let's stop blaming everyone and make it better next year. A little more promoting and deligating would help.


    • You should be ashamed if you were a young person. It should have been the Minister's duty to find himself at the celebration. It should have been a day he should have dedicated to the cause. Shame on Shawn. Shame on Ministry of Youth Development and Sports. Shame Shame Shame!


  7. Stop trying to use the minister not being present to push political agendas. Ridiculous. His only one person.


    • I must say the minister is doing a great job hands down to him, but the youths are needed that feeling of importance its an annual event shawn is out of state he has other officials that could have filled the void laziness is a sin, next year ensure their is that missing presence make our youths happy.


    • What political agenda? It's the Ministers ROLE to find himself to celebrate with other youth.


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