Minister says rumours about IAU moving out of Saint Lucia are “categorically false”

Minister says rumours about IAU moving out of Saint Lucia are “categorically false”
Dr. Rigobert
Dr. Rigobert

Education Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert has described rumours that the International American University College of Medicine (IAU) is moving out of Saint Lucia as “categorically false and mischievous”.

Dr. Rigobert comments comes weeks after another medical school, the Atlantic School of Medicine in Rodney Bay, moved its operations to Antigua and Barbuda.

However, the minister said in a statement this morning, August 9, that the leadership of the IAU “had reason recently to clarify rumours that it was relocating to another Caribbean island”.

Dr. Rigobert has acknowledged that the situation regarding accreditation of medical schools came to a head in April of this year, triggered by a letter disseminated by the ECFMG from the USA, regarding the eligibility of graduates of medical schools in Saint Lucia to be licenced in Saint Lucia.

She said the rumour mill then went into “overdrive” with speculations rife about the status of medical schools and their graduates.

“I have had several exchanges with the IAU and I am satisfied that the school is making every effort to secure accreditation,” she said in the statement.

“The IAU has given me every assurance that it is not at this time contemplating relocation,” she said.

According to Dr. Rigobert, the Ministry of Education has been working very closely with the IAU and other stakeholders to resolve the situation. Dr. Rigobert said she is confident that the IAU will rebound from the unwarranted onslaught of “misleading and mischievous pronouncements”.

She went on to say that she is adamant that the ministry is “unwavering” in its commitment to ensuring high quality tertiary education in Saint Lucia. In that regard, she said the ministry and other stakeholders are agreed that “we ought to maintain high standards, preserve the reputation of Saint Lucia and guarantee the international comparability of degree programmes offered here in Saint Lucia”.


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  1. Is the I.A.U college of medicine accredited by the ministry of education of Saint Lucia? If yes, Is there an official document to prove that


  2. Some of you fail to understand that Atlantic had bigger issues than IAU. Atlantic had ECFMG issues before this who accreditation thing came on. IAU did not.
    View WHO and search these medical schools for info.


    • And all problems can be fixed, no wonder divorces are so high, people just throw away their problems


  3. Rumours overdrive Minister? You were responsible for causing that sensation and distressing families who have invested in their children's education.
    What I would like to know is what happens to the St. Lucian student who belonged to one of those schools that is not YET accredited and she passed the Caribbean Medical l Exams AND the first part of the USMedical Licensing Examination? Isn't she not entitled to a job bearing in mind that Spartans turned out hundreds of students before they received accreditation?

    The sad plight of this student is she has completed and cannot find a job in her own country. In the meantime, couldn't she at least be employed in the Health Ministry? In my opinion she has proven her capability by her success in the exams. It's high time, the Medical Council stop that behaviour of the old boys' club - and old girls too - I note. Give the girl a job man!


  4. Without any clear unambiguous statement on: 1) the accreditation objective, and 2) the accreditation process from the minister, we are spinning our tops in pure mud.
    The entire society needs to speak very intelligently, and with great clarity about accreditation bodies, their location, and their critical role in not making students, parents, and partners waste their money and time, on useless credentials or certificates.
    Residents with rental units for existing and potential students or tenants, need to be clear about these issues too. It is not just about the medical schools as such.


  5. The sad truth is that even the medical fraternity seems not to believe that they have "the capacity to accredit", that is why they are having such difficulty is forming one. I dont know how the MDs, PhDs, etc in St Lucia got their degrees without research in unchartered territory and graduated successfully, even CAAMHP is in unchartered territory, they never before had to accredit over 25 medical schools in the region and even outside the Caribbean, but they are rising to the challenge, St Lucia Why can't you rise the same?


  6. WOW

    It s so funny how Gale is releasing a press release in defense of IAU when all attempts from the St Lucian Students who had to flee Venezuela to reach her was shut down.

    The school is not accredited so stop shit shooting....


  7. Really,

    """The IAU has given me every assurance that it is not at this time contemplating relocation,” she said.""""

    I recently got an email from IAU of their location in St. Johns Antigua

    Newgate Street, Saint Johns, Antigua
    Orientation September 4, 2017
    Classes Begin September 5, 2017

    So which is it.


  8. IAU did not get the necessary CAAMHP appointment for this ECFMG's 2018 will slap them in the face...they will have to make the move...unless there is expedient formation of an accreditation council in st lucia that will assesss them and give their graduates permission to practise locally..only then 2018 with ecfmg will be removed...give the schools a chance until caamhp is sorted...furthermore A local accreditation council needs to work with AIMU as they seek their accreditation later this year so that they can have a higher success rate and that new council should be working with Spartan to ensure their accreditation is maintained with CAAMHP. can't throw away the investors of med education you
    MUST partner this way with them..


    • Ask Dr Rigobert if she got her salary last month, the people of IAU are sooo committed to supporting the school here in St Lucia, that they have not seen their salaries in TWO months!!! that is THEIR level of COMMITMENT to St Lucia! it is about time that National Accreditation Body is formed, we should start to hear the names on that Body by now, and the work with the schools should begin, no other Caribbean Island is throwing out their Medical Investors because of lack of CAAMHP, but they are all working to the 2023 deadline.


      • Two months? I don't know if that's true or not but if it is, that's just employee abuse, I'm amazed they still have people willing to work there if that's the case.


    • It's unfortunate that you would see medical schools as investments or as institutions which just needs licenses or accreditation. That is far removed from the main point in considering medical institutions as institutions of "life and death." Decisions about such institutions cannot just be about business efficacy, the welfare of those who have invested or students graduating from them. The welfare and the lives of the people they will serve in the future is and should be of paramount importance. Then comes the reputation of the country itself. Governments have an obligation to the welfare/health and safety of its citizens first, the reputation of the country second and then come all other things such as investment, licenses etc.

      We must recognize our priorities. And who says that the government has the capacity to accredit such institutions? I myself would not trust that, given the status of education curricular in St. Lucia. Example nurses taught at Sir Arthur (which is an accredited institution) and Cuba are barely recognized so what are you telling me about doctors. We already have a problem with some of them and their practices.


      • Good observation, therefore, they should probably never have jumped into a league that is bigger than them, and simply tell the schools that they can not help in professional assistance and let them leave the shores to places that are better in this area, and stop wasting the time of the everyone and running the risk of endangerment of the lives of people.


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