Minister provides report on agriculture sector

Minister provides report on agriculture sector

tajagro_bananasAgriculture Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has said that the agriculture sector continues to perform well, despite the many challenges facing the industry.

Baptiste told a media conference on Monday (Jan.25) that despite bananas and plantains were hit by black sigatoka disease in 2010, Saint Lucia managed to increase exports.

He noted that his ministry continues to monitor the disease and provide all the necessary assistance to farmers.

Jn Baptiste said that time for payment to farmers by hotels has been reduced in most cases, and hotel and supermarket purchases continue to increase.

According to him, revenue reached $6.7 million in 2014, which represented an increase of over $2 million in 2012.


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  1. Wow! This joker only now finds it fitting to give a "report" on our agriculture sector? From where I've been looking there haven't been any major happenings in this sector since the exit of Hon. Die Alive & Die Dead. Say what you will about the man but Ezekiel was in my opinion truly more passionate about agriculture and moving the sector forward than Moussa will ever be.


  2. Is there some obscure cloud in the horizon that we can't quite make out?
    why are you now coming out at this late stage, to talk about Banana& Macabu?
    tell us and don't be shy, what is it that you really want to convey to us , that is
    beyond the scope of Bananas, Plantain and Macabu? hello, hello, can't hear you.
    Just leave a message.


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