Minister Pierre calls for strengthening of Integrity Commission

Minister Pierre calls for strengthening of Integrity Commission
Phillip J. Pierre
Phillip J. Pierre
Phillip J. Pierre

Deputy Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre believes that politicians who become rich overnight, should be able to account for their wealth.

The minister is therefore calling for the strengthening of the Integrity Commission to be able to look deeper into this issue.

Pierre said he is not asking for the commission to go on a witch hunt, but said it must be able to hold politicians accountable.

The Castries East MP made this comment in Parliament today.

Pierre said that youths should not be led to believe that being a politician is a dishonorable profession.

He believes that politicians should be paid adequately and also receive perks and benefits of the office.

The deputy PM said while it is believed that MPs receive many perks, this is not true.


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  1. You all already taking so much benifit for doing nothing, you still asking for perks. you all have faults so stop critizing each other. a minister's job should be like any other; once you're not doing what you were put there to do, you're fired. help the poor !!!!!!!!


  2. Hot air again. Which party holds the chairmanship or the majority seats on the commission? Then who is going to bell the cat?

    I fell off my chair rolling on to the floor thinking out loud. If we had anything more than toothless commissions as now, even the very PM of Saint Lucia and other MPs would serve time behind bars or at the very least be barred from elective politics. I tell you that Pierre doing stand-up comedy, boy!


  3. Pip you need to stop those jokes. You go make queeze and malaway take the Indian man and he might crash his helicopter.


  4. This is a very bold move I respect you for your courageous statement. . Either you have had time to clean up yourself and you want the others to follow suit. Or your taking a chance know one else will investigate...


  5. If the last sentence I read is what you said, then why aren't the older heads making way for the young and intelligent ones. You must think that we the ones on the ground don't have eyes to see if ministers don't get perks then call on Sir Bob Geldorf and host a USA for st Lucia and instead of various artists singing We are the world let them sing Give more perks to the ministers instead !


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