Minister Montoute calls on citizenry to play their part in the fight against crime

Minister Montoute calls on citizenry to play their part in the fight against crime
Scene of a homicide in Castries.
Scene of a homicide in Castries. * File photo

(GIS) – The Hon. Lenard Montoute, on Thursday, Nov. 16, as a guest on the NTN program Briefing Room, spoke on a myriad of issues including crime.

When asked whether government was prepared to issue a definitive statement on crime, the minister spoke to the numerous entities involved in reducing crime levels.

“There is no one definitive statement that you can make to address the issue of crime,” he said. “You will hear the Minister of National Security speak on what he is doing from his end with the police. When I speak, I speak of social programs and other such interventions. The Ministry of Education has a part to play at the school level and there are many other agencies.

“I also want to point out that while we have to take the responsibility as a government to fight the crime situation, it is not solely the responsibility of the government—it is a societal problem and it is a societal responsibility and by that I mean all institutions in society have to play a role not just the schools, but churches, NGOs, the family, and even as an individual we have a responsibility as well to play our part in terms of the crime fighting effort.”

The minister also spoke on intervention programs as it relates to the Juvenile Justice Reform Program and the youth.

“The Juvenile Justice Reform Program is in its second phase right now and in this phase I am very excited about what we are about to do,” the minister continued. “It involves intervention with young people at the community level and what we are going to look at is diversions and other programs that we can engage them in, which will entail training.”

The minister disclosed that another intervention, an entrepreneurship program through the Belfund, was also recently launched, with at least 20 young individuals enrolled. He added that over the next two weeks, the government will be rolling out its short term social stimulus program for Christmas, which will involve de-bushing and beautification.


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