Minister Francis tours newly-renovated and re-opened Nyerah Court

Minister Francis tours newly-renovated and re-opened Nyerah Court

(GIS) — Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security, Sen. Hon. Hermangild Francis, along with the permanent secretary, recently gave an official tour of the newly-renovated Nyerah Court.

The aim, Minister Francis said, is to create a more conducive work space for members of the judiciary and the staff of Nyerah Court. The renovations totaled about $1 million.

“The court has been closed for almost seven months because of issues with security and other facilities that were not up to standard,” the minister explained. “Government decided that it was prudent to spend the monies necessary to bring the court up to scratch. The money was not previously allocated. The prime minister had to find funds outside of the budget, and I want to thank him for being so gracious in allowing us to proceed.”


The minister explained that the Nyerah Court underwent several internal changes. The entire building will now be utilized, with a courtroom on each floor.

“The court previously occupied three floors, while the upstairs was used by the owner. Now, the courts will encompass the whole building.”

Minister Francis also expressed concern over a backlog of more than 1,000 cases as a result of the court being closed for renovations.

“We must make use of the Bordelais Courthouse. It has been furnished and we must use it so that we can bring down the backlog of cases and persons can have ready access to justice,” he said, adding that there are plans to open two new courthouses—one in Gros Islet and the other in Castries.

The court resumed operations on Feb. 4.


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