“Venezuela is still our friend” – Minister for Home Affairs and National Security on official one-day visit to Venezuela

“Venezuela is still our friend” – Minister for Home Affairs and National Security on official one-day visit to Venezuela
St Lucia's National Security Minister Hermangild Francis
St Lucia’s National Security Minister Hermangild Francis

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Senator the Honourable Hermangild Francis will lead a contingent to Venezuela on Friday, July 27, 2018 where he will meet with the Minister of the Popular Power for the Interior, Justice and Peace Mr. Nestor Luis Reverol and the Director of the National Anti- Drug Organization Mr. Juan Grillo Gonzales.

The Government of Saint Lucia has announced that visa requirements will be imposed on Venezuelans, with the exception of diplomats and genuine business persons. This action he says was precipitated by mounting national security concerns and the monitoring of unrelenting activities impacting the island’s porous borders.

Minister Francis explained that the Government has been very thorough in relation to responding to some of the spin-off challenges emerging from the country’s current unfortunate economic circumstances.

“Venezuela is still our friend. We are not attempting to embarrass any nation, but suffice it to say that it is incumbent on the Government to take measures that will protect the country from security threats, and not compromise the security of our citizens or our borders. So this visit signifies that we are still friends and we will discuss mutual concerns and explore any solutions for going forward.”

Minister Francis also calls on the public to trust the Government’s position, noting that it is not necessary to sensationalize this issue.

“This action is not unprecedented. It is not unprecedented that governments respond to their domestic concerns. We in Saint Lucia have visas imposed on us, and I speak of a country of less than 180,000 people.”

The entourage leaving for Venezuela will include the Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Mr. Dorian O’Brian, Venezuela’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia Leiff Esconlona, and representatives of the Office of the Mayor of Castries.

Minister Francis says he is looking forward to favourable talks.


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  1. Chastanet listening to American propaganda on Venezuela; go do a course on caribbean and Latin american history all you 4king fools who came up up with that decision and learn something about the culture and politics you live in. Because if any of you fools understood what it meant to be Caribbean, that stupid decision would not even have been taken seriously. i warning you all well; i dont like labour, i dont want to ever vote them in power, but they at least understood the other side of things when it came to venezuela. and u people in that UWP better learn fast and reverse your decision on Venezuela pronto because the next time, we voting in LPM if u think we lucians playing around. so u all better listen up! venezuela is our neighbour, they need help! step up to the plate like REAL MEN AND WOMEN. they have done more for us, than any of you stupid people understand.


  2. We have always turned our backs on our own people just as the master trained he's slaves. Slavery is still alive and mental. Venezuelans are our people. Caribbeans/Latinos mwem bagaii la. UNITED states, UNITED kingdom,Europe UNION, UNITED nation. Blacks,Yellows,Browns divided we stand and fail. In the beginning was the WORD (Thoughts/Consciousness) let us change our thinking get United; only then can we take the cross and follow through. Until then we are sinking to the bottom. Raise awareness first of yourself. Fully love yourself and it will radiate to others. Only then will we raise the Universe, to give us all, health wealth and successful lives.


  3. Stupid. Have you ever heard the saying that you don't look at gift horse in the mouth? Have you?

    Historically, Saint Lucia has already saved the soul of Venezuela, by helping secure the safety of Sr. Simon Bolivar. What that is happening in Venezuela today is a mockery of, and a travesty of all what Bolivar stood for.

    Besides, in terms of diplomacy, a country does not have perpetual friends, only perpetual self-interest. Plain and simple.


  4. This is my take on this…Venezuela is unstable right now, St. Lucia have very poor border surveillance and we all know this. As an island we do forget that we have very limited space to go around when it comes to housing people. We need to understand that we are on an ISLAND not a continent, so we need to be very selective on how we deal with international affairs. We do our share of complaining of the lack of jobs, security, housing and so forth. So please look at the BIG picture. I do feel bad but we cannot save everybody, right now we are trying to save ourselves. Many of St. Lucians are ONE paycheck from being homeless.


    • But what's about that take. China has billions of people many of them living in poverty. In order to ease the burden, their government is finding ways to encourage them to migrate to open borders like ours. Many of those who are coming are from desperate backgrounds. If the point is "we cannot save everybody", then the question is why do we chose the Chinese over the Venezuelans? Is it because the Venezuelans' are Caribbean people? It is because in times of disaster , from the days of Hurricane Allen, the Venezuelans have always been among the first to come to our rescue? Is it because they have contributed meaningfully to our infrastructural development with quality projects such as the ALBA bridges while the Chinese built an inferior hospital that had to be completely remodelled? Help me understand.


  5. What you all are doing to Venezuela is wrong and misguided on so many levels. Is there no proper advice in this place beyond your myopic preoccupation on "venezuelans are this and that." The killings and the nastiness you all doing in St. Lucia right now, all the dirty things you all get involved in, tell me, where are the Venezuelans in that mix? The only criminals over running this country is dirty lucians themselves.


    • Yes, you sure right!! Now the Venezuelan are the ones and only responsible of all disgraces all over!! That's unfair


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