Minister for Health warns about drinking and driving

Minister for Health warns about drinking and driving

(PRESS RELEASE) – Alcohol consumption is on the radar as one of the leading contributors to road accidents in Saint Lucia.

Over the last few months, the Ministry of Health has recorded an increase in vehicular accidents leading to severe injuries and death on the island’s roads. Despite an increase in public awareness, drinking and driving continues.

When alcohol is consumed, many of the skills that safe driving requires; such as judgment, concentration, comprehension, coordination, visual acuity and reaction time all become impaired.

“Alcohol intake is a recipe for disaster” were the spoken words of Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac whilst addressing a gathering in Vieux Fort on Thursday February 8th. She said whilst accidents may occur due to human error, she believes alcohol consumption is one of the major contributors, not only to accidents but to non-communicable diseases.

“Alcohol consumption is a horrible problem in our society. We hear about the road accidents and the majority of these accidents involve alcohol consumption, the involve drinking alcohol, and sometimes the people do not associate their accident because it is taking place in the middle of the day but let me tell you something, when you have a night of drinking, a night of heavy drinking that alcohol stays in your system the whole day and it is working out itself. You go behind the wheel and that is just a weapon of destruction with that mix of alcohol. So there are people who say well I drink at nights, well I drink when I get home so, that alcohol is in your system and it impairs your judgement when you go out there and drive. So a lot of these accidents taking place in the day, they are still alcohol related and again that is another contributor to diabetes. So we have a lot of work to do. Don’t feel bad when you have to tell somebody don’t take that drink, they may tell you bad things but at least you tried”

Getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol is a serious crime. The Minister has expressed her deepest condolences to the families who have lost their love ones in recent times and is pleading to citizens to be responsible, refrain from substance abuse, and practice safe driving. She said alcohol intake can be dangerous and potentially lethal.


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  1. The Minister needs to tell us: how many drunk driving arrests were recorded in 2017? Driving under the influence is a felony. We can all of course lament DRUNK DRIVING, the issue. What are the facts for Saint Lucia? How many arrests in 2017? That would indicate the extent of the problem and of course give clues to the solution. Are the highways patrolled?. If the highways are not supervised, DUI alcohol abuse is not recorded AND the solution becomes a matter of of hopeful speculation - see the honorable minister's press release above. Where are the facts?


    • Agreed. For the Minister to make such a generalization, it should be supported by facts.

      It is totally irresponsible of her to make such broad, unsupported statements.


  2. This is a good message, sure. However this is really basic coming from the minister for health, in light of the MANY other issues plaguing this administration. I doubt the minister cares too much about people drinking and drinking as opposed to this simply being a change in focus. This administration is highly unpopular and are clutching at straws. Are we supposed to believe that you suddenly care about the welfare of St.lucians now. Come again minister.


  3. I wonder if some of the stuff the minister is saying backed up by studies or statistics? Anyways just talking about is low-hanging fruit it;s time to do something about


  4. Let's not forget some of the taxi drivers that, instead of having a cup of cocoa tea first thing in the morning, have a shot of Bounty rum.


  5. We are facing an epidemic. I feel sorry that most of the drivers of the minibuses especially are almost always driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.


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      –Mark 16:19


  6. RE; DRINKING ALCOHOL AND DRIVING, The above statement by the " MINISTER " is Highly Informative. We all hope this will make a difference in th the Lives of People.
    On the other hand , we are tempted to ask ? why people have to abuse the usage of Alcohol , even other drugs .
    People have problems !! they feel that by using it , life is a little better to cope with the problems at hand.

    However, it only make matters worse ,You go to sleep and wake up ? the problem is still there. If I may ? there are problems you by yourself cant solve, never !! Try talking with someone who has being through it or a Decent Respectable person , A Poster or Teacher . Sorry to say, ( SOME PROBLEMS YOU HAVE TO STEP BACK AND WATCH PROBLEMS SOLVE PROBLEMS
    ) . By using Alcohol each day you go deeper and deeper into addiction. Try and stop it before it starts, Your life is the most important asset you have, please don't destroy .


  7. Now, let's get tough. So you want to drink and drive, and speed at the same time
    well we'll show you what we mean when you drink, drive and speed at the same time
    you damn idiot. You crash without anyone hurt, (suspended Licence plus fine) if someone
    is hurt, (Licence revoked till passing another exam plus heavy fine) but God help you if one
    is killed (Jail time for you, Licence revoked for five years and heavy fine) you damn idiot.


    • i totally agree but at the same time the minister CANNOT make such a general statement saying that alcohol is the main cause of accidents. first of all you have no proof or record of such. the police need to start doing their work. how can you tell me i was speeding when you have nothing to test my speed? how can you tell me i was drinking whilst driving when you have nothing to test my alcohol intake? RIDICULOUS. It's such a shame that we have so many laws and NOBODY TO ENFORCE THEM


  8. The poor jab Lucians listening. With more bars per capita dotting the highways and byways from North to South with kartel blasting at every turn one of St Lucians favourite past times good luck with that.


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