Minister Fletcher’s claims inaccurate, says FLOW St. Lucia head

Minister Fletcher’s claims inaccurate, says FLOW St. Lucia head
Geraldine Pitt
Geraldine Pitt
Geraldine Pitt

Country Manager for the newly re-branded FLOW, Geraldine Pitt, has responded to statements made by Information and Broadcasting Minister, Dr. James Fletcher, which she claims are inaccurate.

The minister had said that CWC/FLOW is allegedly refusing to adhere to certain recommendations to ensure the local telecoms market remains free and conducive for competition.

Dr. Fletcher made this statement at the conclusion of a recent Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) meeting, which was held in Saint Lucia.

Pitt told the local media on Friday that her company had worked for 15 months with ECTEL and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) engaging stakeholders, which included the minister.

“While we did not need approval for the merger, our Chief Executive Officer, Phil Bentley…we made an early commitment, that we want to work collaboratively with ECTEL and the NTRC, to get to a point where we would agree on how we move forward and that journey hasn’t ended,” she explained.

The CEO went on to state that while  a full agreement has not been put together, FLOW has agreed to a number of conditions and will continue to dialogue with stakeholders.


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  2. Cable& wireless can change names as often as they want whether it be Lime or Flow St.Lucian will always remember that company as C&W the company that took advantage and is continuing to rip off st.lucian come on you mean st Lucian still must pay for a telephone line in order to get an internet service and pay a telephone rental service, this is pure nonsense.Within the past year c&w/flow have increased their data/internet more than once, when will it stop. ECTEL please put a hand


  3. The exciting 2016 NBA Playoffs started on Saturday, April 16, but what an insult and shame that CWC/FLOW/LIME (whatever) prevented NBA fans in Saint Lucia from seeing and hearing the prime time opening match between the record-breaking, defending champions Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, which was played on ABC station!

    Yes, the game was on ABC as scheduled, but CWC/FLOW/LIME allegedly blocked the station from customers no doubt for $$$ reasons--such as licensing that special game to another station! So, without ensuring that the loyal, paying customers can see the game on a station that they have already paid for, CWC/FLOW/LIME apparently licensed the game to a poppy-show station called SPORTSMAX, which pathetically had no sound for the eager viewers! Shame! Shame!

    Shame on you CWC/FLOW/LIME. All your customers were cheated out of a great First Round game involving the remarkable defending champions, who only a few days ago broke the 20-year record of 72 wins for the NBA's Regular Season that was held by Michael Jordan's 1996 illustrious Chicago Bulls!

    Shame on you CWC/FLOW/LIME. (Now, I know you will not apologize to your customers, nor will you make a refund to our accounts for your inept, insulting travesty on Saturday, April 16, but let's see what you will do for game 2 on Monday, April 18).

    Sadly, the truth is this: even if CWC/FLOW/LIME were to cheat NBA fans again on Monday, nothing will happen in this part of the world where the powerful who hold a monopoly on such issues treat their customers with alleged disrespect and disdain--even though the customers are the one's who keep you afloat!)


  4. I am challenging the two major political parties come this general election, to make the reduction in mobile phone rates a priority. It is ridiculous in 2016 that we customers and users of mobile phones can't get rates at 27 cents a minute.

    Speaking of cable tv, all those packages are just packaged shit and a total ripoff. Karib cable was a better deal.


  5. How can things be better when channels we previously had without the Box are now only available in a special package at an additional cost. For example Space, AXN and Comedy channel.

    How can any Flow/Lime Executive tell the St Lucian Public that things are better when Channels I previously enjoyed at $80 EC per month are now $125 EC monthly.


  6. an increase in the monthly fees for services=to a decrease in quality of service
    the more u pay for the service the shittier it gets...


  7. From lime to flow the rough rides continue but we have no choice.We need another serious competitor to save us.


  8. They promise to send about 50 of us home. These people are heartless and greedy. FLOW is now a bully


  9. I don't buy anything those telecommunications people say. Like cable and wireless had us as their cash cow, so will flow. I am watching my screen scanning from 7:30 still at 261 channels. BS. Flow is liming. There will be no improvement. They will keep milking us because we don't stand up for anything. The few of us who do are seen as trouble makers. Why recreate a monopoly; because you CARE about the region? PLEASE!!!!!!!!


  10. Dr. Fletcher have all his rights to go after after cable and wireless no matter what they call themselves now. CW have bled poor lucians dry with all the monopoly they got for so long. i hope the government come hard after them. making too much money but never satisfied. but all the while all our little money going in calls and paying to much for data for accessing the internet.


  11. if I go into any store you do not have to buy all whats offered on the shelf. But this is what this tele companys do with us.
    Why can we not choose the channels we want to purchase (like in the store the items we want) and get charged on this?? that 100 channels business what Lime and Flow offering for an outrage price of aprox.100.-EC is CRAP!!
    In USA you can get this pay on choosen channels, why not in St.Lucia?? With the black box what every customer already have it is easy to implement this system.


    • There is a solution to this, its calls an android TV box which uses WiFi and you get unlimited TV channels. It just uses your WiFi.


    • While the states has a larger selection offered on basic cable, there is no major carrier that allows you to choose all your channels. I'm annoyed at the selection too, it isn't really Flow's or Lime's fault it is how these studios do business not to mention that the Caribbean is lumped in with the Latin America region for these deals, so either we don't get shows, get them late or in spanish.


    • I may add something:
      perhaps some will remember the time when mobile just arrived here and customers where charged on INCOMING CALLS too. Then a former minister fight to break the monopoly and a second mobile company could enter here. The competition began, incoming calls was abandoned, prices went down.

      Now with this merger we going backwards, no more competition, what our previous minister achieved just gone. BACK TO SLAVERY !

      St.Lucia is still a country, countrys have commissions for aproval of any mergers of companys to prevent monopoly positions of 1 company in the market.


  12. As far as I am concerned, you'll should really get some serious competition with the stupidness you'll want to pass for as superior service.


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