Minister Fletcher to attend Energy Summit hosted by US VP

Minister Fletcher to attend Energy Summit hosted by US VP
Dr. Fletcher.

Dr. Fletcher.
Dr. Fletcher.

PRESS RELEASE – Energy Minister to attend US-Caribbean Energy Summit hosted by Vice President Joe Biden.

Saint Lucia’s Minister with responsibility for Energy, Sen. Hon. James Fletcher, will on Tuesday 3rd May and Wednesday 4th May, 2016 lead Saint Lucia’s delegation to the United States-Caribbean Central American Energy Summit. This Summit, the second in the series, is being hosted by the Honourable Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States, at the US State Department in Washington DC.

The Energy Summit will feature a meeting between Caribbean Heads of Delegation and Vice President Joe Biden, during which a Report from the Task Force for Caribbean and Central American Energy Security will be discussed and the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Road Map and Strategy (C-SERMS) platform will be launched.

The Energy Summit will also include extensive deliberations on energy security among Caribbean Heads of Delegation, development partners such as the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, Caribbean Development Bank, European Union, Organization of American States, the governments of Canada, Mexico and Colombia, and approximately thirty representatives of the US Private Sector.

Several other US Government departments, such as the Departments of Commerce, Energy, Treasury, USAID, USTDA, NSC and OPIC are also expected to be present and to participate.

The first US-Caribbean Energy Summit was convened in January 2015 and was attended by Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny Anthony and Minister for Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. James Fletcher.


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  1. Is this the same Fletcher who was recently crowing about the gains made at the Paris Accord with that catchy jingle?

    And this just in...
    TTIP Leaked Documents Confirm that Obama Requires “Killing the Paris Accord on Climate Change”

    As I see it, this meeting is just the US way of buying the silence and approval of the helpless states in the Western Hemisphere for the US' desperation to revive the Monroe Doctrine via colour revolutions & economic warfare against the South American countries which had managed to get out from under the yoke of the US empire, early in the 21st Century.

    Such a pity that the statesmanship of all the politicians in the Caribbean basin will never rise above the level of mendicants; despite the letters before and after their surnames.


  2. Very hard-working and intelligent Minister.

    I pray for you everyday, Sir.

    We need more Sons of the Soil like you.

    God Bless!!!


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