Minister Fletcher appeals against littering to reduce impacts of climate change

Minister Fletcher appeals against littering to reduce impacts of climate change

95e0394b-a9c0-445b-8270-5258f70b9e04PRESS RELEASE – Sustainable Development Minister Sen. Hon. Dr James Fletcher has called on all citizens to urgently employ better garbage and waste disposal practices.

Dr Fletcher who issued this clarion call at the first post COP21 community meeting in Soufriere , says the indiscriminate dumping of waste in rivers, drains and in various other places around the island is exacerbating the already serious risks posed by climate change.

The Minister says action is required at all levels of society to address the country`s litter problem as an important climate change adaptation measure.

Indiscriminate dumping of garbage contaminates water sources, creates a breeding ground for vetor borneseases in addition to clogging drains making conditions conducive for flooding.

Already scientists  have predicted water scarcity, more frequent and higher intensity strom events like floods and an increase in vector borne illnesses as a result of changing climatic conditions. Littering threatens to worsen this already bad forecast.

While personal responsibility is critical, the Government of Saint Lucia will also be implementing legislation to help curb the problem. Dr Fletcher disclosed of top priority is the enactment of recycling laws which will place a value on some garbage items.

However he stresses of paramount importance is the need for citizens to genuinely appreciate proper waste disposal for the greater health of the environment and mankind.


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  1. Such a beautiful country ruined by garbage. Why don't we dispose of all of it properly, starting from the top.


  2. These plastics are getting in thee ocean and the fishes in the sea are consuming those plastics that are harmful to humans.


  3. its not the 80s now its 2016 which child will pick up trash for you around school let kenny son do it first than my son after than again that will never happen


  4. Canada is generally considered a clean country. However, when I was growing up there in the early 1980s, there was much more litter. I'm no expert, but I think 2 things helped get it clean:

    1) Bottle deposits. Every time you buy anything in a can or bottle, you pay a 5 to 25 cent deposit. You return the empty bottle anywhere to get the deposit back. As a child, me and my friends would look for discarded cans and bottles, pick them up and bring them back to the stores. We would earn $3-5 for a few hours of scavenging.

    2) School clean-up days. A few times a year, every student in the entire primary school would be given a trash bag. We would scour the area around the school and pick up trash. It created in us a disgust of trash, so we were less likely to litter ourselves as we got older.

    Both of these ideas could be effective in St. Lucia.

    nb. Although there are bottle deposits in St. Lucia on glass, it's very difficult to find any store that will accept a crate of empty bottles. Local "bottle depots" could help.


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