Minister Dalsan says gov’t concerned about juvenile justice

Minister Dalsan says gov’t concerned about juvenile justice
Harold Dalsan
Harold Dalsan
Harold Dalsan

Minister of Social Transformation, Harold Dalsan, has expressed concern over issues relating to juvenile justice in Saint Lucia, which were raised by Attorney-at-Law, Mary Francis.

The minister told the media on Tuesday that he agrees with Francis’ arguments that something must be done to address the issue, where a 16-year old can be charged as an adult in Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia, however, is also a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which states that someone under the age of 18 is a child.

Dalsan said the Juvenile Justice Reform project currently being undertaken on the island could address this issue, but this could take some time.

According to him, in the event that the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) or any other agency decides to assist Saint Lucia with this issue, they would first have to do their ground work.

He explained that most foreign donor agencies would send consultants to examine the situation, who will then write a report and present it to them, before any action is taken.

Dalsan noted that the Juvenile Justice Reform project will be holding consultations with stakeholders shortly to discuss legislation to accompany the programme and other issues.

The minister said government is indeed concerned about the physical structure of Saint Lucia courts and the dispensation of justice, which has become a frequently talked about issue.

However, he disagrees that justice has failed entirely, noting that Saint Lucia is bound to face some challenges, especially since it is a small third world country with limited resources.


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  1. did people actually vote for this guy at the last election???? someone please humour me and tell me yes.


  2. There are some persons I would like to see out of St. Lucia politics
    completely. (1) R.F. , (2) Dalson., (3) Bousquet .. (4) KDA..(5) Lorn Theo.
    (6) Cloudius..(7) Foster..(8) La Corb. (9) Compton. ( Dalson is the worse. )


  3. Sad to say Dalson say Mr Chastanet cannot speak Patios but I hate to tell him he cannot speak English period. I never listen to any video or speech he give he makes me nauseous. He should be the Minister of STEP


  4. It is so obvious that elections is on the way. Now slp sounds like they were never in power and still continues to blame uwp I guess. This tactic is played out and it is sad that only when it's voting time, government all of a sudden understands the people needs. This shows the priortiy of slp for the 5 years , where they only care about people for a vote and after to hell with them love for people !!!


  5. "The minister said government is indeed concerned about the physical structure of Saint Lucia courts and the dispensation of justice, which has become a frequently talked about issue."

    What Is the job of government officials especially Ministers? Is it just to be concerned about a situation? With all these millions being spent on footpaths, gutters and retaining walls one would expect that the justice system would be given priority as it is the primary code by which we live? In fact it was pointed out to us by the US and EU that funds are available for the rehabilitation of our justice system. It seems that the officials in St. Lucia exercise a mere reluctance to fix access such funds and fix the system.

    So when such they come and talk is it not the job of the PRESS to refute that type of garbage? "Press" please save the people from such vectors of deceit and propaganda. The government wants you to report the truth so please do.


  6. Don't believe I actually took my precious time to read this man's nonsense. Not sure how somebody can lv their home and go vote for this man. What a waste. Stanley now realise that Castries people need affordable housing and Dalson only now realise that there are youth in this country in need of social transformation. smh.


  7. you so concerned about jivenile justice. what about the boys at the btc?? you left them without a teacher from last year september up till march alone interviews were conducted for that post. you ppl arent really interested in juvenile justice, you interested in getting votes all of a sudden and will say anything you think we want to hear. but i know better dalsan.


  8. Tell us Mr. Minister what is happening at the boys training center, I mean what real meaningful change is happening there, not the cosmetic changes we have seen over the last few years. Tell us what became of the young boy locked in a cell and roasted to death? What is different now? And how was the family compensated for the death of a child who was put into your hands because he could not be protected elsewhere? And yes I understand it may not have happened under your watch, but this still falls in your lap.


  9. It's the time of year when all "politicians" come out of hiding and come up with all sorts of crap to try to win people vote.Now alone you want to show concern about juvenile justice?! What a load of BS...


  10. Dalson, this is way over your head; you don't know what the hell you're talking about. Leave that to the Legal experts and take a seat. Go to Soufriere
    and do something meaningful for the Maleway. Create some sort of work
    program for the young men down there and by the way, give it up.


  11. Why is Dalson concerned about juvenile justice all of a suden? Oh yeah just he just realized that he is Minister of Social Transformation. If you ask me I would say that he is and has been a failure remembered more for his negative controversial actions and statements. Robert Lewis, Alvina Reynolds, Alva Baptiste, LA Corbinierre Wow all failures. Even Kenny himself yes the chief of SLP failures.


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