Saint Lucia minibus operators updated on US$42M road improvement plans

Saint Lucia minibus operators updated on US$42M road improvement plans

(PRESS RELEASE) — Minibus owners and operators have welcomed news of government`s US$42 million Road Improvement and Maintenance Program which spans approximately 101 kilometres of roads to be completely reconstructed around the island.

To promote greater public accountability and transparency, the Department of Infrastructure hosted the northern membership of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), along with non-affiliates, at a special consultation to discuss the roads program.

A similar consultation will be hosted with NCOPT members and non-affiliates in the southern districts of the island.

For many years, minibus drivers and owners complained about poorly maintained roads which adversely impacted their operations. Today, the Road Improvement and Maintenance Program, the single largest investment in roadways in Saint Lucia, is good news for the minibus sector.

Permanent Secretary Mr. Ivor Daniel said the consultation presented an opportunity to have frank and open discussions with the minibus sector, recognizing that they are important drivers of national development.

Recommendations made by the minibus sector have received the green light from the Ministry of Infrastructure and will be implemented as part of the road improvement programme.

These include the installation of lay-bys and additional bus stops along the east coast, and improved road signs island-wide.

The Oct. 15 consultation was the first in a series of engagements on the Road Improvement and Maintenance Program.

The Department of Infrastructure met with the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 16.


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