PHOTOS: Minibus collision causes temporary blackout

PHOTOS: Minibus collision causes temporary blackout

Sunny Acres and neighbouring communities were plunged into darkness Wednesday after a minibus (M451) crashed into a utility pole, breaking it, at around 8 p.m.

Reports are that several people were injured in the accident but the injuries are not life-threatening. About six passengers were reportedly on board.

It is alleged that the driver may have fell asleep, causing the accident.

The accident occurred in the vicinity of Super J/Gablewoods Mall (north), causing a temporary blackout from Choc to La Clery on the John Compton Highway, sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Electricity was restored to some areas from around 8:45 p.m but close to midnight SNO received reports that some residences in Sunny Acres were still without power.

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  1. In warm weather country this incident happens often. Do a survey and you will find 90% of driver has fall asleep in st.lucia. but when its bed time males are up !!!!!!!!!!driving their


  2. Choice TV Channel 39 suddenly went off the air around this time perhaps due to the power interruption.


  3. lock them all up until they prove they can keep a vehicle on the road - they all jackass drive too fast wif no skill


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