UPDATE: Minibus accident at Bocage

UPDATE: Minibus accident at Bocage



A minibus driver along with several passengers are said to have been injured in an early morning accident.

According to reports, the minibus ran off the road at Bocage sometime around 8:00 a.m.

The driver was reportedly trapped in the vehicle following the incident.

No further details available at this time.




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  1. if he so old he should not be driving people lives matter
    the people drives so fast in st lucia on those narrow roads and hills. please slow down...


  2. Some bus drivers do drive reckless. But We are to quick to judge at times. Do some of you know the driver? Its obvious you don't. This driver have transported me for over 30 years, he is a prudent driver. He is ignorant in the sense that he would tell you off if he feels that you are doing shate whilst driving on the road. But he is one of the most reliable and safe driver on route 5C.


  3. They drive like criminals and the passengers on board say nothing. You talk to the drivers, and the passengers curse you


  4. We all like to quickly jump to conclusions. What was the cause of the accident? The post didn't say. So how can one say it was speed? Stop rushing to judgment.


  5. Do they not have speed limit on the island? those minibus drivers have no respect for their passengers, they drive like maniacs. the injured people should sue them for everything they have...may be they will respect lives by slowing down.


      • So because he is old man he don't speed ? Wow my fastest an most reckless ride ride from Soufriere to Castries was from a so called old man. I said never me again. That day I learn to pray.


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