‘Mind you children, not my business’, Trinidad woman told cop

‘Mind you children, not my business’, Trinidad woman told cop
Charged: Lamia Maharaj
Charged: Lamia Maharaj

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — A woman who cursed a police officer, suggesting he mind his children and not her business, faced a magistrate charged with using obscene language and resisting arrest.

Lamia Maharaj was fined by San Fernando magistrate Kerianne Byer.

Police prosecutor Sgt Harold Ishmael said last Friday, officers responded to a disturbance at Francois Street, San Fernando where they saw Maharaj who looked in their direction, turned away and quickened her pace. The police approached her and, while speaking with Maharaj, another person arrived and made a report against her.

The officer told Maharaj of the allegation to which she cursed while saying that he should mind his children and not her business. The officer held onto Maharaj’s hand to arrest her for using obscene language but she violently pulled away and again cursed.

She appeared before Byer on Monday on the two offences. Her criminal record showed she was fined twice in 2015 for using obscene language and also faced a fine that year for resisting arrest. She was also charged in 2018 for resisting arrest and disorderly behaviour.

Byer fined her $3,000 for last Friday’s offence of resisting arrest.

She was given six months to pay or face two months hard labour. Maharaj was also fined $100 for using obscene language on that day. In default of paying this in six months, she will serve 20 days hard labour.


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