Millennium Highway accident is third road fatality for 2016

Millennium Highway accident is third road fatality for 2016
Derrick Eugene

PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating a fatal accident which occurred on Monday, March 28, 2016 about 7:55 p.m. on the Millennium Highway, Castries.

Motor omnibus registration number TX 361, driven by Egbert Nelson of Sunny Acres, Castries was travelling in a northern direction when it collided with Derrick Eugene of Ciceron, Castries.

At the time of the accident, Eugene was wheelchair bound and travelling in the opposite direction.

Eugene was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

This is the third fatal accident for 2016.


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  1. I traveled this road for 4 years. This man was always wheeling himself around usually at dusk when visibility was poor. I am not surprised . I'm sorry to hear about his passing and also sorry for the driver who hit him; it could have been anyone of us. This wheel chair bound guy seemed to have had a death wish. Perhaps not of sound mind


  2. I bet you if he was rich or even had something family would have taken him on so who is left to burie him now may he rest in peace


  3. Why does everyone assume that this is his own responsibility? I have seen him travelling on that road many times, always keeping to the side. Where else was he supposed to go with his wheelchair?
    Why does nobody question the many reckless drivers, speeding and overtaking without visibility? How many minibus drivers have been responsible for accidents this year? They have a responsibility not only as a driver but also towards their passengers and other users of the road.
    If a speed limiter for minibuses and taxis would be made mandatory, it would avoid a lot of accidents and grief.


  4. i hope the police do a thorough investigation including looking at speed,light in the area and if there was any skid marks and so on.i did not like the tone of the driver in the tv interview,it sounded like he had enough run ins with the guy and decided this time enough was enough.


  5. despite you took those risk... I always feared someday that you would die like are with the good lord now,,rest in perfect peace my friend, will surely miss seeing you in town, sad


  6. When ever I commute that road I was always on look out for mate, when I pass him or pass the final bend I would feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. The crap I've seen him pull on that road at times made me wonder how he's still alive. Well he's free from his burden now, hope he has peace.


  7. SMH that was a accident waiting to happen mate always on the road with that wheel chair endangering himself and motorist just rolling down the hill onto oncoming traffic and if you don't see him in time you hitting him , not now people have been complying mate to the police on the radio talk shows and making reports but the police say they cant really do nothing and that he was really a menace,it is sad he had to go that way i wish he didn't have to but i am not surprised this happened at all , if he does have family i give my condolences in your troubled time


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