Miles & Mia “A to Z” launches in the UK

Miles & Mia “A to Z” launches in the UK

2016-07-22 16_36_21-Miles & Mia A to Z Book Launch.docx - Google DocsPRESS RELEASE – The much-anticipated debut of Miles & Mia “A to Z” launches in the UK with real life brother and sister, Miles & Mia at the heart of the story.

The first installation of the Miles & Mia collective, released independently on the Miles & Mia label was born out of a love of reading and is inspired by the duo’s adventures.   The brand new books are the creation of their mother, Michaela Alexander.   Michaela, a full time mother of the vibrant two turned her hand to writing following a solid career in Club and Events.

The first installation, “A-Z ” shares Miles & Mia’s take on the traditional ABC but with a twist. The story captures the diversity of their upbringing and background of blended Caribbean and British culture. Inclusions of  ‘A’ is for afro hair to ‘Z’ is for Zephyrosaurus’ (pronounced “ze-fear-a-saw-ross”) the book ensures a diverse representation of personal themes that Miles and Mia have suggested for the book.

Michaela decided to put her mind in to creating these books when she found it difficult to answer Miles & Mia when they asked why there was not many books with children that ‘looked like them’.

Six years old Miles & four years old Mia are like any other sibling pair.  They laugh, they squabble but they mainly have fun together. No day is the same with these two and with a packed, busy schedule from school to after school activities including football and the occasional model assignment. Yes, these two know how to keep themselves and mother Michaela busy.

Michaela Alexander, Founder and Author of Miles & Mia: I am not too different to any other parent. I want my children to have fun as they learn and grow and reading is an important part of that. However, it was a little bit of a mystery to me to discover that diverse representation in books seemed rather limited.

I am blessed with two rather adventurous children who love to read and tell stories. Every day there have a story that they want tell me about – what they got up to, what they learnt and so on.  When I could not find the books, it made perfect sense to do something about it and so, the Miles & Mia collective was created.

Like any four and six year old, they have an energetic life with streaks of mischief.  I hope you enjoy their adventures as much as they have.”


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  1. Thank you St Lucian News for featuring our book!

    We are proud St Lucians and one of the pages in the book is dedicated to our nanny Marie Thersea Alexander (who was born in soufriere)

    For more infomration about Miles & Mia please email [email protected] or visit the website WWW.MILESANDMIA.COM

    Thank you

    Founder, author


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