UPDATE: Milan Ferdinand’s case now in hands of DPP

UPDATE: Milan Ferdinand’s case now in hands of DPP
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand
Milan Ferdinand

Police Public Relations Officer Zachary Hippolyte has revealed that the case involving four-year-old Milan Ferdinand who died from alleged child abuse is now with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Hippolyte made this disclosure on Sunday evening’s Police Insight programme aired on MBC.

According to him, the police did what was necessary and required by law and have now submitted the case file to the DPP for further advice and or instructions.

In a press statement issued on Friday by the Royal St. Lucia Police Force, it said that two people were arrested and detained in relation to the death of the four-year-old child.

A post-mortem examination revealed that Milan died as a result of severe brain damage and head injury due to blunt force trauma. Also noted were multiple blunt force traumas all over the body.

The child’s mother has admitted to seeing marks about her child’s body, which led to the conclusion that he was being physically abused by someone at home.

The woman claims she reported the matter to the Human Services Department who did nothing to assist the child. But the department has since responded saying that only one report was made.


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  1. I believe wen a child is put in custody that human Services should follow up on that child even if is with a parent. That's the first step where the system went wrong. Secondly if is one report or more someone made about the abuse it was still reported. The people who new about the abuse and only came forward after the child lost his life I blame urll also. Speaking out could have left this child alive. Hope justice is prevail


  2. "ONLY one report was made". Goes to show you how those government departments operate. They want you on your knees begging them to do their well paid job. You have to show up everyday crying for help. You have to call the media houses. Someone has to die. That is when they react with their often late statements giving excuses as to why they failed at their job. The ONLY one report was more than enough. Did the case worker follow up after the complaint was made? We're there regular check ups on the child after the report was made? This is what we have gotten used to in St Lucia, mediocrity from the government officials who were sworn in to serve and protect our society. The only time they need only one report is to send maypwe to persons wgo support a different party from them. There is no excuse or reason why the system had to fail this child.

    Btw, those of your faulting the mom who lost custody of the child, shame on you. I hope you have a bank account with a million dollars to support your children until they can be self sufficient. God forbid one day you can't feed your own children because of loss of income or other reasons. I hope on that day nobody takes your child away and puts him or her into an abusive home and that child gets killed by a heartless monster. In your minds it's only "economic means" that is required to raise a child. No love or kindness required. Cause apparently if the mom's fault because her pay check could not empower her enough to protect her child. No. All she could have done was made ONLY one report? But at least she tried in a system that only cares about how much money is in your wallet.


  3. SNO you must really hate the head of Human Services because you only publish part of what she said. She explained that one report was made and the Division investigated. She explained that the child saw a doctor who indicted that he had a medical condition not related to trauma.
    Boy I'm happy I'm not a lucian cause you'll know how to destroy people...well. ..well. .well.


  4. One report ??? Aa wtf im i hearing one should be enough to do something..... Wohhh Jah help we!!! #justiceforabusedchildren #justiceforMilan


  5. Can you believe educated persons defend themselves by saying ONLY one report was made. Yes we have to point fingers. Human Services are supposed to be there to help. Every attempt even one is enough. Can you believe the Human Services. Are they for real. Then they speak sawing STOP child abuse. Every cry on behalf of a child is worth investigating. I say Shame on you for defending by saying one one .This one cry for help could have made a difference.


  6. One report is enough to start investigations, it also takes one strike for a toddler to lose his or her life. Those who are entrusted to head those departments just sit at their desks and order others around. We all are suppose to be our brothers keeper, especially when it comes to children. SHAME on some of us. Mrs Lewis do the right thing and step out. This is not the first time things show your department's ugly side.


  7. Yes you all blame human services. Because it is always easier to avoid responsibility by pointing fingers. At four years Millans mother should have put her act together to ensure that her child had a safe home. A mother has to protect her child. A mother has to always ensure her child is safe. Why did the father have the child in the first place? Stop with all the excuses and with blaming Human Services. They do what.they can with the limited resources they have. Parents, that include Mothers and Fathers.... take responsibility for the children y'all put on this earth. Stop using break ups and all other excuses not to maintain responsibility.


    • Sounds to me like the ball landed in the right park,the issues was reported its not matter of what if she got her act together the fact is we all fail this child ,teacher's , Neighbours and the system .


    • So what is the role of the father? He is a parent too, he was suppose to protect his child too. Human services placed the child in the care of the father because the mom did not have the means to care for the child. The mother made a report, she did the right thing. Human services claim a Doctor examined the child. How the hell does a medical condition cause a bite mark on a child? This does not add up. It was the duty of Human services to followup on the report. The child was not living with his mom so one report was sufficient. A lot of people should be held accountable for this child's death, neighbors, commumity nurses, doctors, mother, pastor etc.


    • I so agree with that. She is to be blame as well. One report was made the acted. Why wasn't more made every time u see u r child with a mark . She said she was not in a stable home so they took him away u not stable u make another child. Bull and u r relative will come and talk they could have help save him before he was taken away. It's to late for all the talking everyone who failed him should accept the blame and move on.


    • Wow - you do sound like you are part and parcel of the corrupt department which left this child to die


  8. a least she make 1 and a report was made..so u all fail the millan already smh


  9. the department just buried themselves with that comment "only 1 report was made"
    how many times must a mother report her child being abused in order for them to take action ...


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