Micoud wins 2015 Blackheart SLFA Knockout Football title

Micoud wins 2015 Blackheart SLFA Knockout Football title
Micoud Football team
Micoud Football team
Micoud Football team

PRESS RELEASE – Micoud emerged champions of the 2015 Blackheart /SLFA Knockout Football Tournament which was concluded this past Saturday evening at the Beuasejour Cricket Grounds with the staging of the tournament’s Grand Final the East Coast Derby between Micoud and Dennery.

Before a capacity crowd at the Beausejour Cricket Ground , Micoud achieved victory with a one goal to nil win over their final opponents Dennery. The winning goal for Micoud coming from Defender Andre Alvarez Joseph in the 19th minute of the encounter when he met a right side corner which he neatly side footed to goal which Dennery goal keeper Alan Pinel had in his hands but because of not  taking the ball in the approved manner as a goal keeper should, the ball slipped through his legs and into the back of the nets.

This was all Micoud needed for victory as in the second half Dennery piled on the pressure but Micoud defended stoutely and claimed their second ever Blackheart Knockout Football Title having won in 2010. For their victory Micoud took home $25,000 thousand dollars in cash, the Lime Trophy and 25 Gold Medals.

Second placed Dennery took home $10,000 thousand dollars , The Guinness Trophy and 25 silver medals.

Micoud Coach Cornelius Butcher made history becoming the first player to win the Blackheart Title as a player and Coach.

The Micoud Manager Andre Charlery also made history as well becoming the first man to win the Blackheart title as a player and Manager.

The 2014 Champions Canaries finished in third place and claimed the $5000 dollar cash prize on offer and a trophy and bronze medals when they outplayed Soufriere in the third place play off held before the final three goals to nil with goals coming from Titus Shepherd in the 19th minute, Antoine Wilfred in the  26th minute from the penalty spot and Cassius Joseph in the  30th minute.

For their fourth place finish Soufriere took home a trophy and $2000 dollars in cash.

The monetary prizes and other major individual awards from the tournament will be presented at a special prize giving ceremony to be held Wednesday October 21st from 7.00 p.m. at the Players Pavillion lounge at the Beausejour Cricket Grounds.


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  1. Congratulations to the Micoud Team. Earlier this year Poch had the team, do you think that Butcher just took the team from zero and made them heroes. You guys need to stop this and give both coaches what they deserve. You guys have 2 good coaches as far as I'm concerned one learned from the other. I think they should put differences a side. So persons like you will have nothing to talk about.


  2. Gr8 Dane? Don't you have anything better to do, u guys just like to drag person's name to the dirt. I know the gentle man you are referring to, I'm a coach in the US and this very respected coach told me of some players he wanted me to have a look at for scholarship opportunities in January and that's the crap you choose to blog, I was at the stadium and we left together since I did not want to be caught in traffic, I am rather appalled at your rant which is unfounded you should be ashamed of yourself. #Distasteful. No wonder the universities rather go scouting to other parts of the world. I was born in St Kitts, Our thinking and hate is immeasurable.


  3. Well done coach Cornie,you just proved haters n critics wrong,all those who had no confidence in u,especially greedy former micoud coach ALAIN PROVIDENCE,that u r da man ov da moment,n u achieve feats he cud neverattain,to be da 1st player coach to win blackheart, that's y out ov shame,he ran from da grounds b4 da presentation ceremony, had we lost,he wud hv stayed,cuz that's what he came to see. But da tremendous talent we posess in both defence and attack,wif this current crop of young men,didn't grant him his wish. So wish u da best next year,we surely gonna defend our crown,n prove to them it was no fluke!!!


  4. Congratulations to Team Micoud, Coach Cornelius "Bull" Butcher, Manager Andre "Ridah" Charlery and the entire community of Micoud and its football fans. This was a true team effort. Our guys played scintillating attacking football, defended resolutely, and were discipline throughout ( not a single red card, or any signs of disunity).

    You guys really made us proud. You looked determined from the onset so kudos to the coaching and managing staff for motivating you and instilling confidence in the team. Keep that spirit.

    Brackheart Champs 2015 " STRAIGHT OUTTA MICOUD .......Look licks!........Yo tout pwen cou! Yo tout Ped!


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