Micoud water supply shut down after discovery of dead fishes in watershed

Micoud water supply shut down after discovery of dead fishes in watershed


PRESS RELEASE – The Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) wishes to inform the residents of Micoud and environs that their supply of water has been shut-down due to having found dead fresh water fish and crayfish in the river source within their watershed.

WASCO has since informed the Water Resource Management Agency (WRMA) and the Environmental Health Branch (EHB) of the Ministry of Health of its findings, for their immediate investigation.

WASCO is itself conducting detailed water tests to determine the contaminants which may have led to the death of the fish and crayfish.

A further advisory will be issued shortly following the results of the tests being carried out to determine the necessary actions to be taken with respect to the water supply.

However, WASCO takes the opportunity to advice the public that the use of poisonous substances to harvest fish and crayfish for sale is a very dangerous practice which compromises the supply of water and the lives of people, and should be stopped.

If anyone has information relating to such practices, they are asked to report it to the Police, the Water Resource Management Agency, the Environmental Health Branch or WASCO.


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  1. Just like the Human Services Dept WASCO is a big joke. Every year at this time some idiots go poisoning the rivers to catch crayfish for jounen kweol. That is a well known fact. Neither the Ministry of Agriculture nor WASCO has sought to get legislation in place to severely punish the people who do the poisoning nor the people who buy the crayfish. In fact the Ministry of Agriculture and WASCO employees are the first to buy the crayfish offered for sale. If there was a law to punish anyone found selling crayfish at these ''bolck-oos'' the poisoning would stop.


    • You do not have to poison water to catch crayfish. People catch them by searching for it with their hands underneath rock. putting a law against selling crayfish because some people poison the water to get it is like putting a law against selling fish because some people use dynamite to catch it.


  2. what happen to theses JACKASSES how can you go about poisoning something to catch it to sell for people that never crossed yall mind. that s like poisoning a cow or some other animal and cut it to bring to sell for people


  3. It would be very sad if people are doing that... wow who would do something like that poison fish and water to catch a few and how are you going to eat the poisoned fish... like really!


  4. jounen kweol s approaching. People need to be careful consuming these foods. Even the pesons buying it to retail need to be careful


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