Micoud Primary School Extension Project in full swing

Micoud Primary School Extension Project in full swing

The official signing and sod turning ceremony for the extension of the Micoud Primary School was held on Thursday, April 4, 2013.

This project is being facilitated by the Ministry of Infrastructure,  Port Services and Transport.

Upon completion, the extension to the Micoud Primary School will house the Micoud Infant School, which was closed due to the health and structural hazards it possed.

According to Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Alison Jean, in light of the plight of students, teaching staff, parents and the community in general the government sought to immediately address the situation.

“We therefore embarked together with the Ministry of Education on a number of meetings and discussions to seek to bring this project to fruition. And so we set out to find out the architectural and structural drawings that were already in train. And we discovered that the Ministry of Education had done a fair amount of work in order to complete this project,” Jean said.

Minister for Education Robert Lewis noted the role of social partners in the education of the nation as he traced the history of the school as far back as 1898 when it was handed over to the Roman Catholic Church.

The minister emphasized the importance of education to government and the significance of this current project.

“I want to again to thank the Micoud Primary School for housing at this point some of the students of the Infant school. And I want to assure parents of the Micoud area that this administration is serious about ensuring that all children get the right facilities within which their learning can be maximized,” Lewis said.

Governmental and school officials, along with the Parliamentary Representative for Micoud North, Dr. Gale Rigobert, expressed their thanks to staff, parents and students for their patience.

The new extension is expected to be completed within eight months and will include 10 classrooms and new toilet facilities.


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