Micoud centenarian passes on

Micoud centenarian passes on
Mary Eupharaise Nicholas

PRESS RELEASE – Centenarian Ms Mary Eupharaise Nicholas of Cemetery Road Micoud passed away at her residence on Thursday 22nd October, just after midnight at the age of one hundred and two (102) years.

She was born in La Perle Dennery on the 13th March 1913 but was just two months old when her mother died and her father sent her to live with his mother/her grandmother in Micoud. She died in the same house she grew up in from two months old.

Ms. Nicholas was the only child for her mother and the first for her father. At the age of sixteen her father passed away making her an orphan at an early age.

She had no children of her own but mothered many. Her only remaining sibling Mrs. Evlyn Gustave ninety (90) years old still resides in the community of her birth La Perle Dennery.

Ms Nicholas attended the Micoud RC school and upon completion of schooling, earned a job as a factory worker. Later she migrated to Guyana where she lived and worked for eight (8) years after which she traveled to England where she once again became a factory worker.

Thirty (30) years ago she remigrated to St Lucia, renovated the back of her grandmother’s wooden house by adding a kitchen and washroom to make living more comfortable and convenient for herself since she lived alone.

Upon her return to St Lucia she became a member of the Faith Tabernacle Pentecostal Church Micoud. She was a very active, faithful and committed member of the church. Sister Mary as she was called by her church members loved reading, sharing and encouraging all from the word of God.

She regularly attended church up to the age of ninety seven (97)and it was mainly the frequent need to use the washroom and not age that prevented this practice. At her age, she still read the bible and sang songs from her hymnal without the use of spectacles.

At 102 years she still lived and slept alone as her choice because she often expressed that she was not afraid due to her faith in God, her good health and the mere fact that it had become her lifestyle. She also prepared her own breakfast, wash and packaged away items most mornings.

Just about two months ago while performing her usual morning chores of opening her windows and door that she accidentally fell giving rise to bodily pain and eventually seven days (7) hospitalization which resulted in a cast to her hips forcing  her to remain in bed and total dependence on others.

It was the very first time she was ever hospitalized and the only period she was unable to actively do things for herself. For years, Sis Mary repeatedly told God and others that she had done all that God had asked her to do, many young ones are dying so it is time for her to go and more so she never wanted to become sick and have to depend on others to take care of her. Hers wishes was finally granted.

She sat up on her bed for a short moment on the Wednesday to take what no one knew was her last glimpse through her bedroom window to view the outside then departed from this life early the next morning.

The implementation of the government program of having the NICE employees take care of the elderly made a significant contribution towards Ms. Nicholas’  house and personal care during the last three years of her life. We applaud the government for this innovation and implementation.

Her funeral service will be conducted at the Faith Tabernacle Church in Micoud on Saturday 31st October, 2015.


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  1. RIP dear lady . I was raised by someone like you with no children . This individual loved and cared for me better than my own mother .
    I am sure the community will be missing you . I felt sad that you fell .


  2. It is possible that the stress associated with the fall and subsequent hospitalization could have hastened her demise. Wish I knew what her typical diet was as the modern diets with all their preservatives may reduce life expectancy to 60 years.
    Her days were long in this land. Rest in peace.


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