Micoud carnival was a blast

Micoud carnival was a blast

It was fun galore in Micoud yesterday when the community continued its carnival activities with the parade of the bands which will culminate this evening (Monday).

Five bands, which comprised of revelers of all sizes and shapes, took part in the event which created quite a spectacle.

Revelers had a rollicking time, braving the sweltering heat, jamming to the pulsating music of some of the most popular music by local artists.

Catchy refrains such as: “I en knock it yet…but I suck it already,” “You bad in bam bam” and “I want to put you on your back…” had revelers, especially the females, gyrating without moderation, behaving like there was no tomorrow.

They were also treated to the sweet sound of steel band music.

Last Saturday, the community held a Carnival Jump Up, followed by a j’ouvert, which was a blast.

The previous week-end it was the queen show, which was truly a sight to behold. Five beautiful young ladies in the community belted out their artistic ability in a competition which was keenly contested.

At the end it was Kiana Louisy, who reigned supreme, sponsored by Brice and Company, followed by Dahlia Jn. Baptiste (second), sponsored by Bounty Rum and Sylve Charlemagne (third) sponsored by Micoud Sounds Systems.

In an interview with St. Lucia News Online, Benda Paul, chairperson of the Micoud Carnival Committee, said the committee is very satisfied with the outcome of the events held so far.

“The events have been very successful so far… In terms of community support, residents came out in very large numbers to support the various events,” Paul said.

She added that the event has grown by leaps and bounds over the years.

Paul said the community is hoping to improve on the carnival costumes next year by making it much more attractive.



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  1. It just disgusts me to see how déclassé how young women have become.
    I saw men behave much better even though they were under the influence.
    The new st.Lucian woman is only concerned about how much spring is in her waist and whether she can stand on her head or "split" better than the next, no sense of decency.
    They possess not a trace of self pride or moral standards, lustful and vain is the new Lucian woman.


  2. Shame on Brenda Paul and her support team. There are so many social needsin the community which remain unaddressed. Why not use your influence for good? This is nothing short of depravity.


  3. Just asking.

    Does every community need a carnival?
    When are all our songs take on these tones? Is that how far our intellect take a us?

    Just asking


  4. The most high God is very displeased and he is watching .please people repent before it's to late ,turn from your sinful ways St.Lucia .Judgement soon come ..........


  5. St Lucia carnival is a whole bunch of nasty blast there's nothing to see but private parts and that's just the ladies of course no class at all.


  6. Shame on Lucian carnival lovers all they do is traumatize the very young in this country that is one of the reason why we are in that mess today. Pleas ladies at least have respect for yourselves respect is something you earn.You earn it you will get it


    • When God speaks of a "new" covenant, it means he has made the first one obsolete. It is now out of date and will soon disappear.

      – Hebrews 8: 13


  7. Things not bad in st Lucia unemployment is just a word (a saying ) look at how Lucian's could party where's the money coming from to buy them things just for a day come on every one is self employed no one is unemployed.we all are hustlers


  8. Uplift your standard !! Is that carnival? Wow !! Pure Rubbish. Vulgar women in two piece, what about the costumes, the art and creativity. ALL LOST!!


    • a lot more is needed to uplift our morals of social behavior in our carnival lucians.............emmanu


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