Message from Castries Lions Club District Governor

Message from Castries Lions Club District Governor

5d458dfe-b733-4e4c-861c-3eb22d8e0554PRESS RELEASE – Today is a very special day for Lionism that is, the birth anniversary of our Founder Melvin Jones and I know that Lions Clubs worldwide will hold celebrations to pay tribute in honor of him.

Thus, it is my humble request to all clubs not to let it be any different within District 60B and that as we celebrate this occasion that we solemnly reflect on the aims and aspirations of this noble servant, who as the history tells, felt it best not to only just take from his community but to give back to it in meaningful ways.

Armed with this vision and the help of his colleagues and friends his goal and objectives were realized through the formation of this noble organization known as Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service oriented organization that will be celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in the next eighteen months and under whose umbrella we too today have the privilege of giving back to our communities through service. What an awesome achievement.

Members let his Vision; Passion and Dedication serve as an inspiration to us, as these are the characteristics necessary for the achievement of success. I therefore want to encourage us all to do our utmost best to continue to build on the rich legacy he has left us as we journey through the remainder of this year and throughout our Lionistic careers.


Congratulations to each club on your achievements over the first half of this lionistic year and I pray that with God’s mercies, blessings and guidance and through your continued efforts, dedication and hard work that your club will achieve all it stated goals for this year as we “Take that Stand; Making it Right through Service”, and at the same time keeping at the forefront of our minds the International Centennial Goal Challenge. Let us help to make this a reality too.

Lions and Leos, I want to thank all of you for the support and kind words of encouragement that you have given thus far, they have made my task and easier one and I ask for nothing less for the remainder of my term as your District Governor.

I take this opportunity to wish you a successful Founder’s Day Celebration and once again a Happy, Prosperous and Service filled 2016.

Yours in service,


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