Merry Christmas from the LPM

Merry Christmas from the LPM

Having met a considerable number of Saint Lucians during our recently concluded National Consultation Tour, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) would like to offer our best wishes to the people of Saint Lucia during this holiday season.

While the social and economic outlook of our home nation is not promising and does not offer much hope of a better Christmas in the years to come, we, the rank and file of the LPM, deeply share in your personal frustration and salute your determination to do the best you can for your family this holiday season in spite of your hardships.

May peace, understanding, happiness, and a lasting sense of national unity prevail during this holiday season and long after the celebrations have ended.


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  1. Sadia?? Sardia??? Sardia??

    What's wrong with you?? Why you barking out so loud against something LPM has said that is true. 5 blogs from you on the same subject tells me that there is something wrong with your head.
    Hilda has it right. Who cares about party politics when people are struggling. I care more about the message than who the messenger is. Time to take a chill out pill that is not en rouge.
    To LPM continue getting you all house together and start kicking arse. I am all ears to any party in the country with a consistent message.


  2. I can't agree with LPM more. This holiday season has been rough. I catching my rear end and have not brought my plate for anyone to fill. You think I care about Kenny and party politics? At this stage I am open to any party with the right message to help struggling people like me.


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