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Media workers offered counselling following gun violence in Castries

By Ministry of Health

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PRESS RELEASE – As requested by some media workers in the Ministry of Health’s Whatsapp group on Wednesday April 17th for an intervention to assist with strengthening their coping skill with the recent upsurge in gun violence and suicides with particular reference to scripting and reporting of such stories by the media.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations through the Media and Communications unit and the Division of Human Services has organised a media counselling session on Monday 20th April 2014 on the 3rd floor of the National Mental Wellness Centre from 9am – 11am, for all media workers engaged in the reporting of such events (reporters, technicians, editors, ets.)

The media can be described as 4th level victims of Bloody April and do themselves require counselling as the stories in question may involve persons known to them.

This session will be facilitated by Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis, Director of Human Services who has an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with such issues.

Please be on time for this session and come out in your numbers as the request came from media workers.

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  1. I hope it counsels them about being more sensitive in their approach to reporting such incidents because they seem to have no feelings about how such reports might impact the families and loved ones affected.

  2. People are never satisfied. It has to start somewhere. We may not be in total agreement but it's a start. Maybe next time it will be for he victims families and then for depressed ppl. Take it easy one step at a time ppl

  3. Wtf just can't tolerate that hipocrasy.why da hell dey need cousellin for ways about those persons dealing with all da graphics having to witness postmortem SMG not fair

  4. Inviting the media to a counseling session ??? Why not invite all persons who are overly stressed depressed and going thru trying times, the family of those gunned down in broad daylight. They need your help and you concerned the media. .... Ministry of health .... Wheel and come again.

  5. Joke of the Day for me. They say that laughter is good for the soul.

    This is all the Ministry of Health have to offer during these stressful times ?


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