Menell wins third Calypso Monarch title

Menell wins third Calypso Monarch title

Menell created history on Sunday to become the first female in local calypso to win the Monarch title three times.

Menell, who won in 2007 and 2011, scored 773 points to top Sunday’s competition.

Mighty Pep finished second, scoring 736 points with “Monopoly” and “Cockmar”. Former Monarch Walleigh scored 727 points to finish third with “Untitled” and “Gestation”.


1) Morgie: “Better Days Are Coming” and “En Rouge”
2) Mighty Pep: “Monopoly” and “Cockmar”
3) Ready: “No Vacancy” and “Pig and Donkey”
4) Walleigh: “Untitled” and “Gestation”
5) Nintus: “St Lucia Nice” and “My Last Wish
6) Blaze: “Reclaim St Lucia” and “Beggar Days
7) Menell: “Kenny is King” and “So, So Love” Bingo: “Bring Back de Money” and “Better Days”
9) Invader: “A Letter to Mr Chou” [NEW] and “Immortal”
10) Q-Pid: “The Dream” and “Woman”


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  1. I so wish we st. Lucians would take time and read to understand before we post our comments would be a lot better.


  2. Mikey where you get your magie news from, when did Janny ever win the monarch three times, and her name was not Jenny.


  3. that should read mennelis NOT the first woman in local calypso to win the Monarch title. what about Jenny in the early 2000′s is


    • My apologies. I had meant to write she was the first woman in local calypso to win it three times... It honestly slipped me because I know she wasn't the first. Thanks for looking out.


  4. Great job Menell .. I did not witness the show but I know you had a great performance. Congrats to Happy as well you guys make a great team.


    • Yes Kenny is King of St.Lucia.......Sad he should of change his name to Robert Gabriel Mugabe and the majority of us would accept it.


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