Menel wins National Song Competition for Independence

Menel wins National Song Competition for Independence

(PRESS RELEASE) — A number of competitions were launched in January by the Independence 40 planning committee. One of these competitions was a National Song Competition for Independence.

A judging panel, comprising music experts in Saint Lucia, were given the task of reviewing and scoring the 48 qualifying entries received by the committee.

The judges subsequently requested more time for deliberations beyond the original date for an announcement of February 15, 2019. On Wednesday, February 20, the head judge presented the names of the winners to the Independence 40 Committee.

Impressed with the quality of the submissions, it was recommended that besides the top three winning songs, that honorable mention be given to at least three other songs that stood out.

The top three places are as follows
1st place – Winner – Our Saint Lucia 40th – Menel
2nd Place – Happy Birthday Mother – Nintus
3rd Place – Our Journey – Michael Robinson

The winner will receive EC$8,000, second place EC$5,000 and the third place EC$2,000.

The three songs chosen for honorable mention were Freedom 40 by Juliana Perpie Carter, It’s Our Independence by Elra Ermay Glasgow and He’s Been Good by Special Blend.


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