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Men jailed in UK after travelling from St. Lucia with cocaine

By Surrey Mirror

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15929458-largeSURREY MIRROR – A security guard for a crown court in London and another man have been jailed after they were caught trying to bring nearly two kilos of cocaine through Gatwick Airport.

Hugh Barrington Wilson, 60, and Orville Campbell, 50, arrived at the airport from St Lucia and had the class A drug, with a street value of more than £180,000, seized from them in July 2016.

When arriving the two men separated as they went through the airport, but were reunited at Gatwick Airport rail station where they were caught.

Officers moved in to arrest the pair as they were queuing to buy tickets for the train, and found the 53 per cent pure drug concealed in a compartment of Wilson’s suitcase.

Following a three-week trial at Croydon Crown Court both were found guilty of importing class A drugs.

Both men denied having any knowledge of the drugs being in their possession.

Wilson, who worked as a private security guard at a London crown court, was sentenced to seven years on Friday (March 24).

Campbell, who claims to live in Edmonton but it could not be established for certain, was sentenced to nine years.

Sue Young, Border Force South Director, said they were one step ahead of the men when they were trying to commit the crime.

She said: “When the men passed through border control they must have thought their smuggling attempt had succeeded, but they were unaware that we were one step ahead of them.

“Border Force officers had already checked Wilson’s suitcase and confirmed the presence of cocaine. Armed with that knowledge, the NCA investigators were able to wait until the pair reunited at the station before making their arrests.

“This case is testament to the close working relationship between Border Force and the NCA which is crucial in bringing offenders to justice.”


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  1. Some lucians are so dam jeez it's not the police that works at the airports its immigration officers ! The immigration officers who caught the guys carrying cocain should inform the police which they never did . So stop the hating and criticism. The immigration officers never did their job in the first place they should tighten up their belts at the airports I think the security at the airport in at Lucia is very vulnerable.

  2. Our Police should be investigated. Learnt they are heavily involved in narcotics. St Lucian police us quick to arrest a common petty thief on the streets whereas they collude with drug barons in their heinous dealings. It's time weed out these corrupt policemen and dump them in the Atlantic ocean.

  3. Why were they not detected in St. Lucia? Don't custom check luggages in St. Lucia or was this part of the plan.

    • They not exactly going to arrest them in St.Lucia when their from the UK and want the case to themselves which possibility could have led them to more suspects

  4. The guys were not st.Lucia ,read properly ppl.and I suspect these ppl in england does get help from the local authority.

  5. A few bad apples makes it bad for the whole bunch. Were these saint Lucian nationals? Now all Lucians will be suspects traveling to London.

  6. Good they got caught. These dam st lucians just stop being criminals in st lucia and abroad.

  7. Are they st. lucians??? did they intransit???

  8. Very good job in catching them. Let them think yes they are ahead and then surprise! They need that training in Dominica as well. A barrel of guns went down, and instead they wait for the owner to come clear the barrel, they take the barrel and have it all on news saying they know who the looking for instead of letting the person come straight to them.

  9. I like the style of operations of the british law enforcement. When the men thought they had succeeded the police were one step ahead.

    Mr Monchery, Mr Desir can our police inculcate such tactics in their work? We need to see more detective skills and ability to scope and entrap by our police officers. Thank you.

    Further why are the smugglers always caught in London. Are our officers lazy, unskilled or is it convenient to catch and jail the mules in London. If so such strategy only helps to embolden the mules that police are sleepy here and you can get away with drug smuggling coming out of St. Lucia

    • Better if there are caught in England. Who is going to pay for their holiday at bodalais

    • Here in the UK the police are always one step ahead. We have a good force here who gets results fast. Some of the Caribbean islands needs to get trained by them and perhaps could lend a hand to solve all crimes outstanding.

    • I doubt St.Lucia have the equipment to scan the checked in baggage. Glad they got caught.

  10. Well it's just making it easier for st.lucians to be deny entry into the uk and face deportation. Simple.

  11. first of all i want to know how the authorities knew they were carrying the drug before searching their suitcases. was it a tip off? were they acting suspiciously? and i must say bravo to them for being so smart in this way catching both the criminals. if that was the police here they would just apprehend one of them one time instead of letting him go and follow him to see where they taking the drugs to thus arresting more than just one person. now that is what you call using your brains.

    • The guys are professionals

      • Ermm the criminals or the police? I know the police here in UK are good and successful at clearing up crimes.

        The criminals, well their are professional drug traffickers but not so good at it ?

    • Seems as though you never travel to the bigger countries, they don't have to search your luggage to see what's in there.


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