Members of the Youth Think Tank for the Caribbean recognised

Members of the Youth Think Tank for the Caribbean recognised

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 – The Youth Think Tank for the Caribbean hosted its first ever Youth Talk Through Arts Talk Shop Ceremony recently.

The event highlighted and awarded the outstanding youth who displayed their talent during the Youth Talk Through The Arts Showcase late last year.

Youth Talk Through The Arts is coordinated by Youth Networks, the private and public sector supporting and celebrating the artistic talent of the youth through music, drama, film, fashion design, visual arts and spoken word.

Youth Think Tank representative from Saint Lucia and Project Coordinator for Youth Talk through the Arts, Tevin Shepherd, explains that the session was  to recognise the efforts of those who participated in the event for 2013 to show the highlights of 2012 and ensure that organisations and governmental departments buy into the project for 2013.

A significant component of the success of the programme was the administrative efforts of RISE Saint Lucia. Inc. According to a representative from the organisation Afua Sanders-Kim his organisation assisted with  the administration and coordination of the project.

“RISE is a small non- profit organisation that does youth advocacy work and when they approached us with this project,  one of our main goals was to help youth to be successful in whatever it is we choose to do and so since we had a group of youth, they had chosen this as their medium, our power to make sure it came out without a hitch.”

As part of the evening’s celebration, there were round table discussions on issues relating to young people within the creative industry,  as well as singing and dancing by participants of the Youth Talk Through the Arts.


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