Members angry with Goodwill Fishermen’s Cooperative Society of Vieux-Fort

Members angry with Goodwill Fishermen’s Cooperative Society of Vieux-Fort

(SNO) – Members of the Goodwill Fishermen’s Cooperative Society of Vieux-Fort have forced the organisation to postpone its Annual General Meeting which was scheduled for last Sunday, July 29, 2018, after it was announced that the auditor’s report was unavailable.

When it was revealed that the report was not available, the disgruntled members expressed frustration and anger, demanding that the meeting be postpone.

According to the concerned members, they were given conflicting report as to why the report was not available. One member told this reporter that the auditor wanted more money to carry out the audit, while another said he understood that the auditor was not furnished with important documents from the Cooperative to carry out the audit.

“I am very disappointed. This nonsense must stop. The entire board of directors has to go…” Andre Miller, a member of the Cooperative, told this reporter in disgust.

He added that they have not received dividend from the Cooperative for some time now.

According to Miller, the registrar of the Cooperative has given Goodwill 30 days to call another AGM.

“We wanted to hear the auditor’s report… Fisherfolks are no longer stupid. Right now we have young and intelligent people in the industry…” another member told this reporter.

The members have also accused the Cooperative of conflict of interest.

For the past three years, the Cooperative has not held an AGM, and it is of grave concern for its members, who feel that there is something “fishy” about the situation.


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  1. I fully support the members of Goodwill Fishermen's Cooperative Society for this position. Power resides in the hands of the membership.
    Sadly there is so much collusion and inconsistencies that occur while the authoritative bodies cast a blind eye to these.
    Reports of Supervisory Committees highlighting these anomalies are ignored and these reports become efforts wasted.
    The membership is always at a lost yet some of the older members are more easily influenced with personal benefits or just a glass of Rum.

    And you ask, what gives me the right to make these comments? I belong to and affiliated to Fishermen's Cooperatives and have served on the Supervisory Committee for 2 terms at one of these cooperatives.
    Sadly, it is the plight of 80% of fishermen's cooperatives in St. Lucia.


  2. Wow!. Cooperatives are good. However, strong legislation must be in place to protect would-be investors involved with such financial intermediaries.

    Stiff legal penalties must be in place too, to adhere strongly to reporting requirements under the law. This regulatory aspect cannot be ignored if the sector is to grow. Yet, when successive administrations do not rigorously pursue the requirements pertaining to the Annual Auditor General's report, of course, the fish rots from the head.

    Successive administrations have failed to lead by example. New or strong legislation would be largely hypocritical. Since it can come back to haunt you, nobody wants to bell the cat.


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