Melissa Joseph makes second court appearance

Melissa Joseph makes second court appearance
Melissa Joseph during her first court appearance.
Melissa Joseph during her first court appearance.
Melissa Joseph during her first court appearance.

Murder-accused, Melissa Joseph, made her second court appearance on Thursday, February 11, but the matter has been delayed due to incomplete files.

Melissa is accused of fatally stabbing Joseph Herman, 45, of Capitol Hill, Castries on December 31, 2015, who succumbed to his injuries the following day – New Year’s Day.

The woman’s attorney, Alberton Richelieu, told reporters that the court is awaiting evidence from the police and until such time, only then will they be able to proceed with the case.

The dead man and his girlfriend have accused Melissa of harassing and threatening to kill them.

The matter was before the courts for over 10 years. And despite she was issued with a restraining order, the accused allegedly continued troubling the couple, which eventually led to Joseph’s death.


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  1. I'm no psychiatrist, but this young lady is a mental case ,and this case should be taken seriously. I agree with the person who said that she needs a psychiatric assessment but if she is found to be a mental case which she clearly is, plus lack of evidence eventually she will be out ,with a green card and on medication. This she will now use as an excuse to do some other crime maybe go after the dead man's girlfriend,which in the past has happened in mental cases. Our justice system is a joke.


  2. She is heading to a psychiatric facility. Definitely a "femme fall." Hope there is enough dry coconut for her to eat. Sad that Joseph had to lose his life. As a matter of fact, there is a boat load of mental illness people walking the streets of Castries.


  3. Look at thee incompetent behaviour from our police officers in this case. Lack of evidence. They have had all these training with thee Americans and Scotland Yard.


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