Melia Thomas is back home!

Melia Thomas is back home!

17202871_1718156655142893_5286820853623069640_nMelia Thomas returned to her home in Bisee, Castries about 7:50 p.m. this evening, May 11 — three and a half hours after St. Lucia News Online (SNO) published a story about her disappearance and overall behaviour.

Melia, a form two student of the Bocage Secondary School who turns 14 in just under two months, reportedly left home on Wednesday, May 3 and was not seen until this evening – the second time in two weeks this has reportedly occurred.

Her mother, 50-year-old Coletta Thomas, told SNO that she will provide more information tomorrow, as they are yet to ascertain where the minor was all this time.

In an earlier interview, the mother refused to say her daughter was missing

“I wouldn’t say she is missing. She is on her own vibes,” Coletta said. “She always goes and comes back when she feels like. She always does that.”

A close family friend, who had also contacted us about the teen’s disappearance, credited SNO for her return home.

“So word got out… thanks, could not have done it without SNO,” he said.

The family friend said they are now hoping that the teen will reveal her whereabouts and that there will not be a repeat of this behaviour.

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  1. Young People don't forget you are the ones to write the story of your life. Don't do anything you will regret and want to erase from that book! Child when you reach 40yrs old and you turn back the pages of your book of life you will want to erase that chapter of "being on your own Vibes at 13" you will even hate yourself for it, because our society will always remind you of it.
    Make use of free Education. Get yourself a degree, get a job, enjoy your Youth! give God your life today so you can benefit from your youthful Blessings from God in your older days. Don't allow yourself to be statistics on a man's list of women he has slept with. You're a Child be one! As a mother I know your mom cares about you. Listen to her.


  2. little girl take ur time to grow. if not when u reach 16 u ll look like expired goods


  3. The comments are amazing.. everybody has something to say or someone to blame.. check the situation closely.. some people say the mother "accommodating the child" my God i can imagine after having done everything for your kid at some point you just frustrated.. what more can you do.. you sick, husband sick and your childrhink she grown.. oh okay?
    She will learn the hard way... man does come and man does go. Blame the parents, blame the kid.. where the blame for the grown man who aiding and abetting.. or whoever aiding and abetting..
    I imagine it's a poor family.. in this day and age you try your best for ur child but when your child sees her friends coming with the lastest and she does not have.. ofcourse she will go out and look to someone to provide for her..
    We can point a finger at everyone, but can we point a finger at ourselves and say we too are part of the problem? Read our comments, we jump on dick, we blame everyone.. why not reach out to the kid to help, to talk to her and get to the root of the problem. Our society is broken.. so many situations like this.. we all know someone who is going through this but just wait until she gets pregnant or start talking smack about the family.
    What do we do? How do we help?
    I don't have the solutions to those problems.. I can only sympathize with the mother... and smh at those whack ass comments...
    let's do more to help our youth especially our young girls.. it takes a village and community to raise a kid.. but if u judge how can u expect a difference and change?


  4. Anonymous my throughts exactly, 13 years old she come and goes as she pleases, mom dont complain cause you did not stop her the first time time so she thinks in her 13 years mind thats it ok.some of us women have children and we still act and do things like children grow up mom, . Youthink you will be able to stop her now its to late,you gave her an inch she took a mile. So its up to you now to set the standards in your house or else she will do it again and again smfh


    • Please provide the mother as well as the millions of other parents with similar situations, with solutions on how to handle this situation.


  5. Something is seriously wrong with these children the issue is not only with the child less face it people. Gone are the days where an entire community works together to raise a child. You think other people not seeing that child is not home or not attending school. And instead the comments discussed the issue and how we can fix is as a society. We are comment bashing.The is with us and our current thinking we are all to be blamed.


  6. I don't understand most comments. Had the woman come out and said something different persons would be calling her a liar. She was honest. Now its time for those close to the family to lend a helping hand.

    Just because a person has a child it doesn't mean that child will be brought up in the right way. She needs help!

    That's the worse thing when people don't see a cry for help.

    Maybe, just maybe she has asked for help but no one (as everyone is busy on their own vibes) is willing to help but when people take their life or do what they feel is best (and their best may not be right) then you'll hear people saying "I did not know"

    To those close to the family... Do lend a helping hand.


  7. You getting free school and is cock you looking for . when you don't have an education later on someone will have to pay subjects for you. children leave the men dick alone and go to school. get educated . booom not paying these day cus vat have no value.


  8. that mother sick and just by her comments the child have every right to act the way she is.Stop expecting society to fix your children for you'll. Useless mothers.


  9. Las fair jammet!!!1 stop stressing your mother young girl !!!!!! cock is everywhere your time will come to take unlimited dick... you have no reason to be so unruly and rebellious!


  10. It sounds like the mother is part of the problem. Why bother people if your child is on her vibes? Just what St. lucia needs, more fatherless children. That's where our societal problems begin, but we want to blame the teachers, the police and everybody else. I have a 14 year old son, and he better not think of doing such nonsense, oh sure he does get mad at me at times, but it is for his own good, I have to be a parent first.


    • Boys listen better than girls. After all they have no nasty old man, that should know better in ears. Some girls now is greedy, everything they see they want. And we parents are partly to blame. Kids don't work and they have the latest style and some parents don't even asked where it's from. Young girls dressing better then grown working women. Everywhere they hear clink, they're there (school days or not). Bet you half of them don't even know how to cook, clean house of wash their own undies. Look like most parents in St. Lucia needs parenting class now; we are loosing control of our children. We feel if we don't give them, they'll get it somewhere else. So we give and give; and they still go out there. Parents put your foot down from they are babies or soon we are going to loose more young girls to envy of useless things.


      • I agree, we have gotten way too materialistic. We need to simplify our lives. Most people are mistaken by thinking their children just do as they say and not as they themselves do. From the time they are born they are watching and emulating us. Being the parent of a teenager, I don't blame the parent, I'm just concerned about the statement about "being on her vibes", I'm sure she's just frustrated.


    • Cocky she want like dat lool she will learn leave she will say i should have listened to my mother


  11. She is on her own vibes. what. The mother knows what's going on. She should be arrested and arrest the person or person where the child was staying. Case close.


    • I was thinking the same thing. A little 13 year old and u talking about "she on her own vibes"???? What kind of parent are you? Child services should hold the parents accountable. Because they haven't taught that little child a lessen thats why she keep doing this.


  12. Melia Iknow something is troubling you.tell somebody what the problem is.just one good person.they will get help for you.they love yiu


  13. The girl mother seems well like her daughter behaviour. She not feeling ashamed to say it's not a first time thing. Smh . They should take them both in for questioning


  14. Your name and face had to be on social media for you to return home. My girl life's not running away, take your time.Stop STRESSING out your parents Stay in school


  15. Thank God she's alive and well. Parents we must never stop Praying for our children.Blood of Jesuson our family


  16. Enjoy ur childhood dear. When u will be legal u will be afraid of the world out there. It comes so fast.


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