Meeting mom doesn’t always mean you’re ‘wifey’

Meeting mom doesn’t always mean you’re ‘wifey’

(JAMAICA STAR) — While some women may not believe it’s necessary to be introduced to their spouse’s parents, especially his mother, others believe that it’s a sign that men are ready to take the relationship to another level.

Zenodia Hall told THE WEEKEND STAR that meeting his mom depends on the status of the relationship.

“If we’ve been dating for only a month, I really don’t expect to be introduced to his mom just yet. But if we’ve been dating for a year, I think she should know me, yes. That’s if they live close by or together or have a good relationship,” she said. “If they’re not close, I don’t need to know or meet her until we are engaged or getting married or so. Unless we have a child together, that’s different. And if I’m not serious about him and just want little sex, we don’t need to involve our families.”

Hall adds that being introduced to a mother may be meaningless, depending on the man and the dynamics of his family.

“Some men only introduce the female they are serious about to their mother ’cause not all mothers like meeting new girlfriends, especially if her spirit really takes to a previous one and she took a liking to her,” she said. “Some mothers don’t care ’cause she and her son a friend. If him introduce a million and one girls, she accept all a them and befriend them.”

Shanique Henry says she may push for the introduction, but admits a man will decide the ‘right’ time.

“As such, I will await his discretion to make the move. If not, I will make the suggestion if I’m ‘into’ him,” she said. “Based on our culture, it’s like a golden ticket when a female meets a guy’s mother, cause yuh know by that time ‘yuh reach’ and you’re cemented into the family,” she said.

Keshawna Patterson said that a man has to introduce her to his parents once they are alive, and once she and him are ready to take the next stage in the relationship.

“Unless him is a careless man weh carry every woman go seh ‘Mommy, a she dis’,” she said. “That’s part of the relationship that most women anticipate, whether they want to agree or not. That is when you know the relationship is really getting serious.”

Gender specialist Indie McLymont Lafayette told THE WEEKEND STAR that meeting mom is a double-edged sword.

“Well, when a male introduces a female to his mother, that usually is interpreted to mean he has a strong and possibly lasting interest in her. (But) It doesn’t mean the relationship will last longer, as if the mother doesn’t like her, that could be the end of the relationship,” she said.


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