Meet Neva Edwards – Miss Universe and Miss World St. Lucia contestant

Meet Neva Edwards – Miss Universe and Miss World St. Lucia contestant

This 21-year-old was born on May 22. She is 5”4’ and 120lbs.

From the Community of Au Picon via Piaye, she is a Christian who serves as choir leader and vice president of her church’s youth group).

At the Piaye Secondary School she was Student Body president, captain of the netball team and represented school and country at the Young Leaders Award Ceremony in Trinidad and Tobago.

Having completed computer systems engineering at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, she is now studying social work with a view to getting a degree in psychology.

Neva works full-time with the Ministry of Infrastructure Port Services and Transport. She enjoys cooking, baking, writing and reading but says her true love is sports, the outdoors, nature and hiking.

With the dream of travelling the globe, she views this pageant as a stepping stone to greater things.

Neva believes: “I should be chosen to represent Saint Lucia because I have what it takes – beauty, class, elegance and intelligence are but a few. I will be able to showcase Saint Lucia’s potential and what we have to offer.

“I love helping people and my main reason for taking part in this show is to motivate the youth and help them develop their potential to become exceptional leaders. I hope the experience will also be beneficial for me, as pageants are not just about glamor but they instil self-confidence and enhance good inter-personal skills.”


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  1. Please stop wasting money we do not have to send this young woman and do what? St.Lucia ia a country with lots of beautiful women did you all keep a competition before she become the front runnerup. For her to win Miss Universe in this universe is a hard one to swallow she's a little rough around the edges face needs a good scrub and peel too many visible acne. Okay my bad sorry go ahead waste some money we do not have and go about begging everyone to loan us $154 million. Zot toot foo.


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