Media association president says Star photo not illegal, says woman should have kept her goods in place

Media association president says Star photo not illegal, says woman should have kept her goods in place
Reynolds (right) and the Star's front-page photo (left)
Reynolds (right) and the Star’s front-page photo (left)

President of the St. Lucia Media Workers Association Clinton Reynolds has lent his voice to an ongoing debate surrounding a front-page photo posted in the July 26 edition of the Star Newspaper.

The photo showed a woman in carnival costume with her breasts exposed.

Speaking to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, Reynolds said that while many may have been expressing disgust over the picture, the bottom line is that the publication was not illegal.

Reynolds said that since the issue became known, the media association has held discussions on the matter and has even spoken to editor of the paper Rick Wayne who gave his rationale for posting the image.

According to Wayne while speaking to SNO, the photo was published in his protest against the popular carnival soca tune “Hurt It”.

“He explained his rationale for it…whereas I would not necessarily agree with a decision to publish such a photo…my personal view is that I would not publish a picture like this, however, I have to respect the individuality, and I have to respect the judgment of the Star for publishing it,” Reynolds told SNO.

“There are certain things that might be uncomfortable to us and might be distasteful …and might be crude and even unethical but at the end of the day it is not illegal, and with the publication of this photo, I do not think that it is illegal,” he added.

As to whether he believes the photo may carry a pornographic element, Reynolds said that he does not believe so.

“For something to be pornographic, it has to… go into something that is sexual. I do not think that the intention of the Star and the public was to sexualise this individual. However, I thought what the intent was in depicting that photograph was to show what our cultural expression has evolved to,” he said.

Reynolds further stated, “Even though I am uncomfortable with something or even though we find something distasteful that doesn’t mean that one is precluded from publishing it because it offends the natural emotions of many people in the society.”

With regard to the argument that the woman’s rights were violated, Reynolds said that this is not the case as she was in a public place participating in an open event at the time.

“That is another thing people do not understand. She is in a public place jumping up in a band which is open to the public. She is in full view of every member of the public who cares to go down to watch carnival, and that means a photographer as well…” he said.

“If her ‘boobs’ bouncing up and down in their face was open up to the public while she was on the road, gallivanting and engaging in the activity, then there is nothing precluding them from photographing her and from publishing it. It is her responsibility and that is the problem I have. Many people have not spoken about the responsibility of the young lady to carry herself appropriately and to ensure that even though she is going through carnival [and] that this is the costume of her band that her goods are [kept] in place and they’re not out of place where they are exposed to every Tom, Dick and Harry to have a feasting…” he said.


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  1. i agree with observer u guys makin all that noise for boobs,so what children see it the boobs is a part of the human body,uall r digusted with rick n clinton for a pic of a part of the human long did carnival be like this women in panty n bra,Rick just showed uall what st.lucian carnival smh eudcate ur youth about sex as early as possible so they dont get the wrong info about it from the wrong ppl we haved lived in ignorance for far too long n u guys live in a glass house n throwing mizzy stones,smh the god squad,ethics squad n morality squad when we have to be one n stand up against crime and reduce poverty,uall bickering about A PIC OF A BODY PART.


  2. I am not in support of the image on the cover of the paper. I agree this should be censored. Many are now thinking about young minds and what this do to them. What about gyrating two days in public half naked in front of those very young minds we speak about. Main reason I will never let my kids see carnival not even on television. Gone are the days when Carnival was something a family can look forward to as a family outing. The creative costumes and all the colors that captured kids interest. Now it is all about panty and bra, and showing the public how much you can shake what God gave you. It is distasteful and really not something I will come see for free or if someone paid me to watch. Ridiculous. I was a reveller back in the day...and miss going to mas camps and getting glue all over my hands making costumes. Now it is a bunch of two days porn.


  3. it is called wardrobe malfunction on CNN and BBC but I believe and I'm of strong opinion that a media house should also censor these photos to play a responsible part in society and not expose semi nude images to young minds..... smh somebody HURT IT


  4. This crazy by putting woman boobs on a cover that bull shit how kids would see did he think about that no he need to fired as a photographer that is no picture for you to take on less you were going use to it for your own personal seeds oo


  5. I am in total agreement with Starchy Dasheen. I see no attempt being made by the individual to cover up. As a woman you would definitely feel the discomfort of your breasts sitting atop a bra. Or feel the breeze blowing across your boobs in areas that should not be exposed.
    The only thing that could sway my opinion at this point is if it can be proven that the photographer was just that damn swift to capture such a moment with such clarity that not even her hands are slightly blurred indicating she had a reaction.
    The costume however may not have been to small. Quite the opposite. It could be a case of an oversized bra. The boobd would not remain in place when jumping about.
    I really cannot find anything in this pic that could protest against "Hurt It". That song itself has absolutely no substance. If you so badly wanted to protest againt that song (NB Clinton quoted you so trying to clear the air by changing your words is pathetic) why wait till AFTER the soca monarch?? You had ample opportunity prior to the 2 days of mass.
    Posting this pic on the frontpage of your paper is in such poor taste. You are a didgusting individual who is trying to shame another to either make a dollar or maybe make an attempt at getting "lil ricky" to raise half-mast. So sad!


  6. I never knew nipples could be so controversial. I wonder if the same people calling the lady vulgar and disgusting said the same thing when Rhianna wore the "dress" that made headlines with her nipples proudly displayed. St. Lucian women breastfeed wherever they want but I have never heard of anyone HERE having a problem with seeing a nipple or two. I wasn't at the thing in person, but I watched it on tv and there was so much worse happening there, if this is a question of vulgar behavior, this lady is basically a nun compared to some of what I saw, if we want to change something, we should start with the news on tv because not all kids will see the news paper but the majority saw the revelry on tv. Now to me, if it was a case where the young lady wanted the picture taken down, then it should be removed because, even though it's not illegal, it would show that our media has morals when it comes to their readership.


  7. I hope this woman finds a good lawyer and sues the relevant persons bec something must be illegal about this here. It is obvious this was not intentional. Yes it happened in public view however now it has been made a permanent image for the world to see and scrutinize and it was done without her permission. Sure her face is not visible in that photo but I am certain people did see and know who she is. Pretty soon everyone will know who she is. You guys are sick for not seeing how wrong this is for violating the woman like that.


  8. ah the ever moralistic cohort. Big picture guys is all I have to say to this being news. Has anyone noticed that three planes crashed recently killing almost 500 people? Breast exposed isn't news and doesn't warrant a discussion in my view.


  9. Why complain, St. Lucian walk around everyday with half their breasts exposed and you see half of their butts when they are disembarking public transports. This one just happened to have the nipples exposed.


  10. The Way both nipples are well positioned they look like that's where they were meant to be!!!! Did the owner of the nipples complain about her twin making the front page of the STAR!!!!!. Heh. to each its own!!!!

    Me I run to the mirror and checked my two to look for similarities and differences!!!!

    We've seen worst!!!! Not saying that the pair should make front page.

    However, mission accomplished. Newspaper did what it initially set out to do. Make money & everyone helped accomplish that, cause we all want to know (1)what the fuss is about (2) if we can recognize her by the perky pair (3) confirm that it was not us (5)Just speculate whom we think it is (6)Be hypocritical, judgmental or outright shocked!!!

    If we don't like it don't purchase the newspaper. Then drop in sales, drop in revenue, drop in popularity, the owners will be "forced to publish only "revival meetings/gatherings"!!!

    That too shall pass!!!


  11. I am not sure if this was the best picture to speak against a song but that is subject to one's perspective but in reality this is how people are dressed at Carnival. It happened in the public domain at an event that was being televised live so I don't think its illegal in anyway. Whether its on news paper or not doesn't mean anything cuz again the event was televised live for the world to see. I am not a supporter of Carnival and I think its shameful for women to be dressed like this jumping up behind a truck or whatever all in the name of fun but then the argument is that its their choice to do it.


  12. There is no way that anyone should associate rape with a woman's attire, or how she composes herself. This brings to mind how the "slutwalk" all started three years ago in Toronto, Canada. Check it out for yourselves.