McDoom blasts marijuana legalization in Saint Lucia as hypocrisy: “What about the buggery law?”

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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Vincent McDoom (left0 and Allen Chastanet

(SNO) — Saint Lucian Parisian fashion celebrity Vincent McDoom is blasting the government’s plan to legalize marijuana and is questioning what is being done about buggery laws on the island.

Last week, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet told The Star Newspaper that Saint Lucia is on it way to decriminalise the herb but McDoom is not overly impressed.

“What a pity we are never pioneers of a movement,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “We simply jump on the bandwagon once the train is already on track… but I guess they see the $$$ to be made personally in the decriminalisation of weed which should not have been a crime in the first place. The Flagrant hypocrisy is glaring.”

He asked what is being done about buggery laws on the island.

“What about the buggery law?” McDoom asked.

According to the dictionary, buggery is “the insertion of the male member into the anus of another person or animal (or an animal’s vagina)”.

In 2017, McDoom targeted government minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun for demonizing the LGBTQ community in Saint Lucia.

In an open letter to her, he wrote, “Lately, it seems no matter what question you are asked, whether it is about sex offenders’ registry, rape, child molestation, abortion, adultery, abuse, crime, human rights, you always seem to find a way to make a link to homosexuality.”

He said all the LGBTQ community on the island is asking for is for the removal of buggery from the criminal code, so it is no longer a criminal act.

“You are an attorney, and you know the difference, yet you do what politicians like yourself do; you muddle up the issue, demonize the LGBTQ community so you will not have to address the issue of the removal of buggery from the criminal code. Then you are seen as a saint in eyes of your constituents and that will help guarantee your win at the next election,” McDoom wrote.

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  1. FiRE!!
    Keep your batty life in close doors,
    Dont affect the pure and innocent kids that is growing up

  2. Masiay de mun want to bull before he smoke his weed💀

  3. macbull keep your ass shut if it can....

  4. Just so with Mcbull! Since when dats your role! Have a frontward seat because your back might be sore....choops

  5. Eh eh the likes of Vinny Sissy McDoom still in existence . Yes St Lucia will gladly legalize weed over your dutty "lifestyle" and no the Buggery Law is not going anywhere it's the will of the people so as it was written so it shall remain. Hey El Bulla ! Did you ever finish that salop of movie and did Rick Wayne made his cameo appearance in drags. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that would be a sight for sore eyes

  6. Marijuana is more important than being gay. There is medical benefits plus it can help stimulate the economy. What does removing buggery laws do for us? Increase the gay population I guess....NOPE !! Give me weed instead!

    • What does his sexual orientation has to do with his sexuality? Wise up and focus on the topic instead of judging him. Also find out the reason behind his opinion. Being gay is not a crime and is accepted in most countries.

  7. " unless the Lord builds a house S/He labour in vain that builds it" true or false?

  8. booling going to stimulate the ecomuny?

    • Real gor got who said booling can stimulate the economy. Wow can’t read!! Decdec!! TERRIBLE!! Guy Brosef you an imbecile!!

      • And all they people giving him thumbs up are imbeciles too!!

      • The point he is making is that the legalization of cannabis is going to stimulate the economy... a whole lot. Are you guys’ iq that low?The legalization of marijuana isn’t for the sole purpose of us being able to smoke it. It is also going to be cultivated and sold abroad. Removing the buggery law doesn’t benefit the economy at all .. probably will tocthe lgbt community but it’s of no importance or benefit to the economy and country, just personal gain. So macdoom May as well take several seats

  9. only uninformed persons think about the smoking of Cannabis as its only purpose, homosexuality isnt used to treat any for of illness, in fact homosexuality is indeed a mental illness. Cannabis cultivated and exported for medical use will be a huge source of income for farmers and i will render Banana production obsolete. Get with the times plebs. eventually homos will be able to marry without public opinion being taken into consideration, in a similar fashion that corporal punishment has been abolished without our vote.

    • Saying “in fact homosexuality is indeed a mental illness” is an opinion not factual information. I agree with you in time (Caribbean) governments will see that buggery laws are antiquated and serve no purpose in the 21st century. With the physical and emotional well-being of children addressed by abolishing corporal punishment in schools and public institutions gives a glimmer of hope that the St Lucian government will butt out of adult, homosexual sexuality and abolish the buggery laws.

      There are pressing issues that affect society and require public attention. For example, high unemployment among young people seems to be met with apathy or the consistent spate of killings is met with fear and hysteria. Yet the majority of St Lucians can come together and sing from one hymn sheet against homosexuals and in one voice express derision, disgust, violence and hate. Imagine what can be achieved if people came together to address genuine ills in society such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness and lack of affordable health care.

  10. Marijuana is already legal here. People smoke that crap all over the place without regard for anyone who has no interest in it.

  11. Choops.... go and find something constructive to do IYMDC

  12. Homosexuals should always be first priority.

  13. why you dont shut your cake hole mcdoom mcbull what ever your name is and concentrate on what you doing all the way where ever you are.

    the herb is not going to be legalized its going to be decriminalized. there is a difference between the two. further more we not changing no damn buggery laws for yall bullars to run am-mock in sweet saint lucia and spoil the place.

    just some time ago a little boy was targeted not once but twice by an older man, the matter went to court and nothing happend and now this little boy had to face this same ordeal again making his grand mother want to take the law in her own hands and you want o come and talk about yall disgusting nasty lifestyle?

    i dont give a damn if the rest of the world is doing it and i believe people have their right to do what they want but our government doesn't have to adhere to this disgusting act yall want to promote. i think its high times as saint lucians we stand for what is right and correct and stop being silent and letting these people take over.



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