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McDonald says Chastanet’s words were twisted!

By MERRICK ANDREWS, St. Lucia News Online staff reporter/editor

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Nicole McDonald

Senior Communications Officer Nicole McDonald has said a statement made by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet at Monday’s pre-Cabinet press briefing have been deliberately twisted by some persons.

Chastanet had said many girls under 18 are having children, and with different men, following in the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers — a statement that drew a lot of criticisms on social media.

“We have young girls who are having children under the age of 18, and having children with different men, and that they are following the pattern of their mother and they are following the pattern of their grandmother,” Chastanet told media operatives on Monday as he reported on his attendance at a CARICOM meeting on security in Trinidad and Tobago, recently.

Allen Chastanet

He added: “And so the question is what we as citizens of this country are prepared to do in order to be able to stop that from happening. The next one is, is that young kids are not being occupied. And the fact is that values that were normal in this country have diminished significantly.”

Persons have branded his statement as “racist”, “reckless”, and “disrespectful”, however McDonald, told DBS, that the prime minister’s statement was taken out of context.

“There have been some persons who have obviously tried to misconstrue or twist the prime minister’s words to make it seem as if the prime minister was referring to all single mothers in Saint Lucia. That is obviously not true,” she said.

She continued: “This is a very sensitive matter. And obviously we have a lot of hardworking single mothers who are trying to put their kids through school, make a living, contribute to the society, and are trying very much to raise good, responsible citizens of Saint Lucia.

Nicole McDonald

McDonald said the prime minister was just making people aware that this major problem — which feeds crime — exists, and something must be done about it by not just government, but everyone.

“You have a situation where you have people, you know, making deals… You have a situation where a lot of these girls don’t go back to school…. The government also has a responsibility to protect those young mothers. The government has a responsibility to protect the children that are coming up, but first we have to face the problem and that is what the prime minister said, that… as a government we have to deal with these problems, we have to stop this from happening, and we have to take responsibility as a society. It has to be all of us,” she said.

One of the critics is gender and human rights advocate, Felicia Browne, who, on Facebook, described the prime minister’s statement as a “racist stereotype of black women”.

Browne said: ‘They just continue to perpetuate the racist stereotype of black women as loose and promiscuous: while creating criminals in the process. Of course not, they did not remove the socio-economic barriers that have continued to plague our very society while only a small minority gains from their labor. Or the recent report of the impact of political corruption on the well being of any developing nation. Of course not, they did not include that many of these same young black women like yourself are being denied access to tertiary education while his family benefits from the cheap labor. Of course not, they will not include their white collar crimes which are rampant but they will not blame their mothers and foremothers for creating unethical individuals. But allow them to continue to humiliate our women and their foremothers who work very hard to contribute to our society.”

Responding to Browne’s post, a Danelle M. Reneau, defended the prime minister, saying: “The average black woman is promiscuous and I think to act like that’s not true is intentionally dishonest. Majority of these criminals do come from single mother households. Single motherhood shouldn’t be praised. Children need both their parents. Fathers are just as important as mothers. Children who grow up without a father are 5 times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime; 9 times more likely to drop out of schools and 20 times more likely to end up in prison. If you can’t accept the facts, then that’s your personal problem.”


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  1. ME...... Doing very well in what ??? May i ask.


  2. https://youtu.be/D-qn4A7J6Pc


  3. What’s the problem? Acceptance is the first step to recovery. Sure, the statement doesn’t apply to everyone but it affects majority of the population. It’s high time we raise our children correctly (beginning with who we decide to have them with) versus blaming everyone else for our poor decisions.


  4. More spinning


  5. the mop & bucket is still at mbc waiting 4 you . you ned to mop your tongue & disinfect it


  6. You have zero credibility. You were selected for this job because your persona fits right in with this dishonest organization. Everyone knows that you speak on nothing sides of your face.... Pun intended.


  7. Black people just enjoy being treated like the retarded kid in the class room who's poor behaviours can't be questioned. "Not my fault the system did it". Black women are to be blamed for many of our societies problems. They put them selves in a situation to be single mothers then neglect their sons and daughters. Of course their kids will grow up to be just as terrible as their mother. Take a closer look at the way you behave around your child, this has a big impact on your child. Stop sexualizing your kids. Stop calling your underage child "sexy". Accept responsibility for your actions. Stop shielding bad mother's from criticism. There are many bad mother's out there yet all are worshiped as "queens" who do no wrong. Stop it. If the daughter is a hoe, then the mother and grandmother were most likely hoes too.


    • So where are the fathers? If your mother is single would you consider her a home. If you have a daughter and you are no longer with the other parent. Is she and the mother goes?


    • Directed to Just Saying...

      You started off well then shifted all the blame on the women. Also why specify on race. Enough with the black women this and black women that talk. Trying too hard to sound like black Americans.

      Putting all the blame on the mothers absolves the men of blame. Alot of those deadbeat fathers know they have no intention of being one but they refuse to protect themselves. They prey on women with self worth issues which stems from the fathers not being around or child abuse. This isn't the only reason, but its a common one.

      I agree about the bad mothers comment. Some encourage their daughters to sleep with men for money from a young age, while oothers make excuses for their sons and even encourage them to ignore their duties as a father, simply because they don't like woman or she has a reputation of sleeping around.

      So in short they blame should equally fall on both sides.


      • See again Ur proving my point. You are protecting the wrong doer from criticism. Again treated these women like the retarded kid in the class room who's behaviour always has to be excused. The men are the way they are because they are being raised by women. A woman cannot raise a man. As much as they think they can..they can't. A boy needs a positive male influence or he's just gonna grow up to be an emotional mess just like mom...filled with anger an not know how to use logic rather than emotion. The blame must fall on the women because the women dictate which men impregnates them. The women select the side purse carrying , uneducated/ employed goon to have access to their bodies. They learn these behaviours from their mothers. If women did not entertain men who carried them selves this way and raised Thier standard then the men would be forced to adjust their behaviour. This issue is race based because black people statistically have higher rates of single parenthood than any other race. Our culture is flawed and we have fallen away from God. Look at the way the women dance and carry them selves. Do you think the men would behave the way they do if they weren't exposed to that? Are population is not educated an productive enough for so much slackness and alcohol. Women y'all need to carry your selves better and the men will follow suit.


        • I understand what you're saying, but it takes two to tango. Majority of the time those men show their true colours from the beginning but the women ignore the obvious red flags and sleep with them anyways. Then cry wolf when shit hits the fan. That's absolutely their fault. Women definitely should be discerning with who they sleep with, since the pregnancy and child rearing is on them.

          But what I'm eluding to is the men who only show their good side while dating or in a commited relationship, then dip out when the woman gets pregnant, or sometimes long after the child is born. It might not be as common as the first but it happens.

          Also, you have those who take care of another woman's child, but not theirs. Or take care of their children with one woman (not their wife) but not the other (their ex). Yes, it happens. What's your excuse for that?

          Men have just as much responsibility when it comes to pregnancy. Some of them quick to say its not their child, but refused to protect themselves or say the woman slack. Most of them chase after those kind women for easy sex.

          If only both men and women knew how to separate sex from procreation and not drag an innocent child in their toxic lives, we wouldn't be having this conversation.


        • Well said. Women need to accept that we put ourselves in situations where we get used and abused by men. We perpetuate this unacceptable behavior with our children. It goes both ways; daughters/sons have multiple kids by multiple fathers/mothers, Monkey see, monkey do. It’s time parents realize that they need to set the example at home and mentor their children to be productive citizens.


  8. Chass is right for a change

    Wait. What is the controversy about? Aren't there many young women with many children with many different men? Umm. Yes! Aren't some of those children involved in all the crime? Yes. Nothing untrue about anything Chass said. I guess the people who have a problem him speaking the truth are those same people who hide their family members' crimes.


  9. where are the tax dollars going. someone please explain, extra revenue and more spending, where is the vat money going. things was suppose to be better with vat but it is worse. Someone explain please.


  10. The Prime Minister is perfectly correct.Since when for speaking the truth is so called racist.Ms.Browne stop behaving like the Americans.This has been happening for a long time in St.Lucia before Mr.Chastanet was born so stop quoting American-Europen racist Ms.Browne.Mr.Chastanet knows all these social happenings and he can back them up with facts not emotion.St.Lucia is quite poor with alot of misguided people so let's move ahead and have a productive country both economically and socially.


    • Seriously, I don't understand why they're trying to identify with black Americans plight and issues. Why did those who oppose with his comments have to specify on race. We live on a majority black island and should be grateful that we don't have to deal with the racial issues black Americans wished they didn't have to deal with.

      But of course because it came from a white man's mouth, they got in their feelings and started copying the black Americans by focusing on race rather than the truth of his statements. Selective outrage i tell you.


  11. The St.Lucia PM is a looser , you know and we all know it. If he did not buy the micoud seat he would not be in power and not be a prime minister. He is sinking his own ship, so stop defending him. Let him drift at sea alone.remember we are St Lucians not him.


  12. Your mop bucket is waiting for you so go and collect it.


  13. Smh.....what's new Nicole.....damage control....s
    Saint Lucians are much smarter than before.....NEXT!!!


  14. The Churches have failed their calling. But if the Priests and Pastors wont do their jobs
    then somebody will get the courage to take up the slack. It is a sticky subject to discuss
    and no doubt what has been said is true and someone had the guts to say it, as it is.
    If it was said from the Pulpit - no problem, but by a politician, you're damned. Check out
    the many poor neighbourhoods in the U.S. that will explain that story very well, and it is much
    the same throughout the world. It is nothing to glorify but it's a fact. The guy has guts to
    even mention it; a subject most politicians would prefer to shy away from, but it is true.


  15. Rickhole have you collected the mop and bucket? More it coming from the not too bright PM.


    • Actually the Prime Minister is doing very well. The problem is we are not use to people telling us like it is,Nicole had no right to come out and try to sugar coat his words. The trouble is he hit the nail right on the head so he ruffle lots of feathers,slacker educate yourself and let he PM do his job he's bright enough to get us out of the mess the last administration left us in you cannot see it for you are a chicken and red rum kool aid hack so taking a freaking hike.


  16. Words were twisted yeah right . You are just doing your job just spinning and been a good comrade but there is just one problem sweetie nobody is buying it.


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