‘Mc-Finger’: Gros Islet youth flashes middle finger after appearing in court for firearm and ammo charges

‘Mc-Finger’: Gros Islet youth flashes middle finger after appearing in court for firearm and ammo charges
Kareem McPhee showing us that know he is not happy being recorded.

(SNO) – A Gros Islet town man who was busted with a handgun and 11 rounds of ammunition on Sunday, August 12, 2018, has been formally charged.

Karim McPhee, 20, made his first appearance at the Gros Islet Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, August 14 where he was granted $5,000 bail for the possession of a firearm and $5,000 for the possession of 11 rounds of ammunition.

Other conditions of his bail include surrendering all travel documents to the court, reporting to the Gros Islet Police Station on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays before 6 p.m., and not apply for travel documents or leave the State without the court’s permission.

McPhee, who was represented in court on Tuesday by lawyer Alberton Richelieu, was remanded to prison until he is able to post bail.

While being escorted to the police vehicle after being granted bail, McPhee, whose hands were handcuffed behind him, skillfully managed to flash his middle finger to the media with a wry smile on his face.

A media source jokingly told this reporter that the accused youth’s new name should be Karim ‘Mc-Finger’ for his disrespectful gesture.

McPhee was among four males who were arrested last Sunday near a bakery in Gros Islet by police officers who were conducting a routine mobile patrol in the town.

The other three males were released without charge.




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  1. Please remember Folks that the system is set up that way, Lawyers, Judges, Police, Politicians etc. have no profit in those guys going to Jail for long term if the ever go. It's like sport fishing to them "catch and release" , so fine-release, fine-release, again and again at decent citizens expense and safety.


  2. Stupid chimp. Bring back operation restore confidence. Need to get rid on all these " good boys" who "didnt do noffing"


    • i feel sorry for all of them. as long as there is life it is never too late to change.
      each time i pass near one of these bad boys it hurts me that i cant help cause i have so many deas which sadly involves money i dont have yet.

      something went wrong somewhere and they are not headstrong enough to fight that which is against them.
      let us give our best wishes to all bad boys because words and thoughts have power. what will help them is a good upbringing, the churches, the schools, the government, organisations and the rich ones among us.
      each one help one to make this island a better and safer place to live in.

      they are each somebody's child and family, they are souls who can live to their best if given the opportunity.
      i wish the best for us all.


  3. Is that the same fella that said someone shot him on a scooter in monchy ? ,More believe he shot himself


  4. And herein lies the problem. A soulless lawyer will get him off and he will be out to torment innocent people again. The problem in societies is lawyers, not criminals. If they were targeted by those criminals...


  5. Is all them boys committing crimes around the island and yet still they turn out to be free again and then back to the same old thing again,the system needs to set examples when they come across fellas like that these are the ones who will rob you in a blink of an eye if given the chance...


  6. It's a big fat joke. Why are illegal gun ownership getting bail? I thought St. Lucia had a serious problem with illegal gun ownership. Evidently, the problem is not serious enough.


  7. That police morellie like to snap ppl picture n send to sno u eh snapping ur pic n send it to them u on impacts


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