MBC rubbishes termination allegations of Richard Frederick

MBC rubbishes termination allegations of Richard Frederick
Frederick during his show

(SNO) — Local media house, MBC/Real FM, is dismissing allegations circulating on social media that controversial talk show host, Richard Frederick, has been terminated because of lawsuits.

Ernelle Sextius, operations manager at MBC/Real FM. said the entire matter is far is from the truth.

“I would like to dispel this by saying that as far as I know Mr. Frederick never had a contract with MBC,” he told MBC.

The matter arose after Frederick appeared on his show, ‘Can I Help You’, saying that he was taking a break. Soon after that a doctored video of the announcement appeared on social media. Half way through it, a figure wearing a Guy Fawkes mask appeared.

“We see everything,” the figure said. “We know who this man is. We have been watching, being disrespectful and vindictive and against the will of the people.”

The figure went on to say the forces of good over evil have decided to act, saying Frederick will not be gone for two weeks or one month but for good because of alleged lawsuits.

“These lawsuits are against him and the MBC TV station,” the figure stated, adding that emails between Frederick and MBC revealed that his contract will not be renewed because of them.

But according to Sextius, apart from not having a contract, Frederick does not even get a salary.

“Furthermore, Mr. Frederick does not got paid for what it is that he is doing,” he stated. “With that being said, I must say that it has been a combined effort by the host and MBC. What it is, is MBC TV donates the airtime and the host utilizes his investigative skills to educate the Saint Lucian public.”

Concerning the lawsuits, Sextius challenged whoever is behind the video to provide evidence of them.

“I know we’ve never made or have not made where lawsuits are concerned when it when it comes to MBC, Richard Frederick and the program, ‘Can I Help You’,” he remarked.

Meanwhile Frederick told MBC of his decision to take a break from the show.

“We have a prime minister that operates totally devoid of transparency,” he explained. “The information is given out by myself to the people every Thursday and it appears that they digest it and all they do is await more information. No one wants to do anything about what is happening to the country. We are too tolerant as a people, we are too passive.”

He vowed to return to the show sooner than he had initially planned.

“I will be back much sooner than I thought,” he stated.


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  1. Great news! Without Richard alot of crooked dealings would pass without the public knowing.


      • Your analogy doesn't make much sense to me to be honest. I know Richard does not view the PM favorably that doesnt discount the several things he brought to light (DSH anyone?). The same way Rick Wayne has been rallying against Kenny for decades it does not discount the things he has brought to light (Rochamel- the only thing he cares about ). So be objective if you believe that about Richard you have to feel the same way about Rick Wayne


  2. A man that has relished the opportunity of showing: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. that's quite delusional.


  3. Now he blames the people? If ever your message seems to be falling on death ears blame the people that they are short of hearing, never for once think that either you or your message has fallen short of credibility.


    • If the message was short of credibility he would of been sued several time over already but that has no happened.What does that tell you?


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