Mayor speaks on Castries development projects

Mayor speaks on Castries development projects

(PRESS RELEASE) — Mayor Peterson D. Francis is very excited about the developmental prospects for Castries as well as the changes coming to the city.

This, after an MOU was signed which will see Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean and the government of Saint Lucia establishing a long-term concession agreement to formalize the terms and responsibilities for a joint venture to manage and operate the current cruise pier and terminal facilities at the Port of Castries.

The MOU was signed during a ceremony on October 21 in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the FCCA Cruise Conference.

Speaking about the ground-breaking achievement by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Mayor Francis said the development highlights the commitment of the government to the visitors and residents of Castries and the people of Saint Lucia.

“This is great for the city,” said Mayor Francis. “It is a very exciting time for us, and both residents of Castries and citizens of Saint Lucia should be excited as well. This development will be a wonderful complement to the Castries Vision 2030 which will see a complete transformation of the city of Castries.

“Currently, the first phase of the Market Redevelopment Project which is part of the vision plan is nearing completion. Other enhancement projects in the pipeline will include a sidewalk rehabilitation project, the upgrading of George V Park and the Derek Walcott Square and the pedestrianization of the William Peter Boulevard to name a few.”


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  1. One thing at a time - it takes money fellows, so let's give it a little time while NEW PORT is
    being fixed. The main players i. e. the Tourist Empires are to get the habour dredged, fix
    the necessary buildings, and the Air Port has to be refurbished, new and existing roads on
    and around the new port area must first be completed, to make NEW PORT look like new
    then we can start the rebirth of Castries again. Before bulldozing anything in Castries, first
    start new construction of Apartment Buildings (some for the elderly & some for low income)
    The present concept was built for us folks after the great Castries fire - NO CRIME, NO DRUGS.
    Now to accommodate that of the present generation - you need 'shrinks' in the planning process.
    Along with an Exorcist, a brigade with a fleet of disinfection fluid to Spray the Town & Schools.
    The new residences should be built near and around Cul-De-Sack as a start of a new City, HELLO.


  2. Let's go Mr Mayor let's beautify our city. First we must start with the dilapidated CDC's I cannot wait them old nasty apartments are infested with crime and all other illegal activities. Please allow me to drive the bulldozers,it will be my pleasure to let all my stress out knocking them down LOL.


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