Mayor Francis unhappy over disarmament of cop by bandits

Mayor Francis unhappy over disarmament of cop by bandits

Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, does not appear happy over a recent incident during which a police officer was reportedly relieved of his firearms by bandits.

Saying that while these cases may occur, it should not be easy.

“I am not saying somebody cannot ambush you and take your firearm but it’s supposed to be difficult,” the mayor opined to HTS News4orce.

Reports are that on November 12, bandits struck at the Twist establishment in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet and made good their escape with the cash register. The gun of an unnamed police officer was taken from him during the incident.

He pointed out that it should not be easy for a law enforcer to be relieved of his or her firearm.

“There must be a level of confidence. I mean somebody cannot just walk up to you and just disarm you, where you are not even aware,” he stated.

The mayor stated that when such incidents take place, there is a loss of confidence in the police.

“It hurts me when you hear and it makes losing more confidence in the law enforcement when you going hear that a law enforcement has been disarmed and the manner in which the law enforcement has been disarmed,” Francis said.

Meanwhile, Francis called for vigilance as the island experienced a spate of crime in recent times.

“We have to be vigilant, even though wherever we are,” he stated. “We could be in a washroom, we have to be vigilant.”


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