Mayor Francis says St. Lucians don’t like change, most like new clothes

Mayor Francis says St. Lucians don’t like change, most like new clothes

(SNO) — Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, has said that most Saint Lucians have a culture of resisting change and the only thing they like new is “new clothes”.

He was speaking in reference to a protest by workers of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) last week, saying they took such action because of their reluctance to accept change.

He told reporters that it is a culture among Saint Lucian to not accept anything that is new.

“The only thing we like new, most of us, is new clothes,” the mayor stated. “But anything that is new, we have a problem with it.”

The workers had a protest over plans by the CCC to introduce new working arrangements for them.

Speaking to the heart of the issue itself, Francis said the matter had to do with a new work schedule for the workers, which will take effect, although he did not give a specific time frame for its implementation.

He stated there was no issue in the first place, saying the changes would have no effect on workers’s base salary or their overtime.

“There has never been an issue,” he stated. “All of our employees work on a five-day week, which is 40 hours a week. All we are doing, which is enshrined in the agreement, is that we now are going to be giving schedules. So where you find before that it is automatic that Saturdays and Sundays is overtime, it will be normal time for some of the workers. That’s all, there is no issue, there is no problem. But you know over the years, that these City Council workers have enjoyed that overtime, even when you cannot control them at normal time, so overtime when I am at my home, I don’t know what is happening.”

According to the mayor, the workers work for eight hours a day and 45 hours for the week and they were getting paid for their lunch hour.

“So right now that is going to stop,” he said. “So in other words, the people who were working from six to two, will now have to work from six to three. So you take you hour, your hour is yours but you are going to give the Council the eight hours.”

But the workers and unions representing them have alleged that there was not consultation in regard to the new schedule.

It was reported that the National Workers Union (NWU) has accused the CCC of reportedly informing the workers of the changes without the knowledge of the union.

Francis countered by saying that the changes were communicated to everyone and three CCC workers were part of the bargaining team.

“We had discussion, meeting with every department separately, every individual to tell them the new arrangement,” he stated. “The union had meeting with them, I don’t know what the discussion was about but they had meetings with them.”


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  1. I can't believe my fellowships St Lucians are going political on a straight forward case. I am presently living in the USA for the past 20 plus years. People do you know what it's called to work for 7 hours a day and get paid for 8 hours? It's called fraud, my biggest issue is why no other mayor caught this and allowed this to continue. Let's have some morals, an honest day's work for an honest day's pay.


    • Do you know what it is to get paid below minimum wage? Work for the same salary for many years amidst rising cost of living?


      • St.Lucia minimum wages: (was last changed 01.Jan.2013)

        EC 300.-/month for office clerk
        EC 200.-/month for shop assistance
        EC 160.-/month for messenger

        where are our unions/human rights activists to say you can't survive on a wage like this?
        preaching water and drinking wine?


  2. two standards,
    if you work in a hotel you work usually 6 days a week with 1 day off. If your off day is on a week day you work as usual on saturday and/or sunday, with normal pay on this days.

    the question is since this is accepted by unions, why to have 2 class off workers?
    is a hotel worker less worth then a cc worker ?


  3. If Lucians hated change so much you would not be sitting where you are today to insult us. Remember that your boss campaigned on change"Your Lordship".

    This man acts like he was born into the position of Mayor and that he is the most enlightened and infallible being on island. I think the title is going to his head, he probably thinks he's the second coming.


  4. No one want's to hear the truth I always say some of us St.Lucian hate changes, we have to make changes verity is the spice of life. Every day cannot be the same thing it's like eating chicken backs and green figs or salt fish green figs and oil daily. I for one need lots of changes home take all CDC getto out,we need a new Market,expand and renovate the Library,we need some new buildings in the city of Castries,renovate Wilton Yard, Maryann St,Foo ah sho you name it clear them all out send them all running to the heights to revamp their lives my take what say you.


  5. Ths y i hate st.lucia, its lke fr lucian bosses always think because u wk fr them an u poor tht u must accept anything they impliment.I was born here bt i hate here so much, st.lucia is really nice bt it is a boulvard fr broken dreams because of the so called ones in charge.# dnt worry one day real change will come, judgement will come fr the poor.


    • He probably shouldn't had said that statement. That statement is demeaning and his thoughts are inline with someone that thinks that St. Lucia cannot be a progressive country. The traditionalist have taken a stranglehold of the nation and the populous feel helpless like it's status quo and nothing they do can improve their current situation.


  6. It sounds like an insult coming from His Worship (what a ridiculously archaic title) but he is correct on the resisting change thing. Its just human nature to fight change that's why it requires tact, good change management and a small degree of tolerance for general acceptance and bye-in.


  7. , New clothes, is HE REFERRING TO THE CCC UNIFORMS . Insults, that may be the last nail in your coffin. We all know there will be resistance to change hence why you must sell your product with transparency so the resistance will be low


  8. What a patronizing, trivializing insult HIS WORSHIP throws at the citizenry. Perhaps he would be more worshipful if he repaired the lights in Castries, a city overwhelmed by crime. HIS POMPOUSNESS needs to get respect the hard way: earn it. SMH


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