Mayers serves legal papers to PM Anthony

Mayers serves legal papers to PM Anthony
Guy Mayers
Left to right: Guy Mayers, Dr. Kenny Anthony.
Left to right: Guy Mayers, Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Chairman of the United Workers Party (UWP), Guy Mayers, has filed legal proceedings against Leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Dr. Kenny Anthony, for comments he allegedly made, blaming him for the fallout from the 2010/11 police force’s Operation Restore Confidence (ORC).

The former National Security Minister, disclosed that Gordon and Gordon Associates, formally served the Prime Minister with the legal document on his behalf on April 1, 2016.

Mayers said Dr. Anthony allegedly made these remarks at an SLP convention held at Vieux Fort.

“He became what I consider to be, judge, jury and executioner, and he made derogatory comments about me. He repeated them again… and then again in Babonneau, each time adding insult to injury. I cannot sit by idly and allow the political leader of the Labour Party to stain my character,” he explained.

The legal paper demands that the Prime Minister desist from repeating the alleged defamatory statements concerning Mayers about the IMPACS report and issue a public apology. It is also seeks compensation for damages to his reputation, as a result of the alleged comments.

Mayers did not state how much damages he is seeking, nor did he reveal the time frame in which the Prime Minister is given to respond to the legal document.


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  1. UWP should be blamed for the downfall of this country because they were the ones who allegedly came up with ORC


  2. Mayers you have every single right to sue Kenny for his loose tongue. He knew exactly what he said and the intent he had for saying it. The IMPACS report again is based on hearsay not facts or evidence and as a PM , Professor of Law, and attorney should have know better than to call your name into questions. He has accused you as being a murderer and he should be held accountable for it.
    Kenny is an man who is delusional and the people who support him do very little investigation on their own and assume that kenny is always right. Well in the real and normal world, this is not the case.

    The killings are being investigated , dont believe that only St.Lucia had their own investigation. We need to realize that one of the reasons the EU, USA and other authorities are hell-bent on Kenny is that they have conducted their own investigations but small island people always think they have all the intelligence when it comes to crime. Do you know that CIA agents and FBI are located in every Caribbean country and countries where the USA conducts its businesses? But again, small island thinking will never understand such worlds because their lawyer PM tells them dont worry, everything is
    Mayers sue this fool for some millions please.


  3. It was high time...I found u took too long. Kenny needs to be silent and need to take some respsonsibility.
    When he was in opposition he did things to gain political points but little did he it's biting him now


  4. Mayers, we are not as stupid as the illiterates who support your party (the UWP.)
    You know very well that "Impacs" is a result of alleged police extra-judicial practices during your reign as the Minister for National Security in the UWP administration.

    Up to this day, you have failed to Own-Up to what you allegedly caused, or even apologized to the many families who were left in a state of Great Sorrow. Instead, you want to "run-a-way" and point fingers at Our beloved PM, whose hands are CLEANED of any blood.

    Be a man for once in your life and do the right thing.
    An Apology to those affected is a good start.
    But again, you are only Guy Mayers.



  5. But guy was the minister in charge of the police force. Flambeau fire burning to bright in their eyes to see that.


  6. I am happy some one is finally giving Kenny a taste of his own medicine. he should also be sued for that dance he did for Sammy lol


    • @ many bags of "idiocy" did you gather up from child-hood, to this day of you posting?
      Perhaps a new Brain Transplant can suffice if the procedure has been safely tested in a safe and controlled environment. hehehehehe.


    • If he did not know what the police was doing then what was he doing as the security chief of the Island. Now even if he did not give orders to kill didn't it disturb him that too many people were allegedly being killed by the police and do something to put a stop to it? Some really do have no shame


  7. I hate to say it but Guy you will lose this case. I hate when my UWP party takes on opportunistic returning useless people like yourself. When the party was down you were nowhere to be heard, why do you think we who really know what you are would want to ever hear from you again?


  8. LMAO.
    Oh Mayers...hope when the Americans come you can find some decency and speak the truth about ORC>


    • Stop KDA? Are you sleeping or day dreaming? Both Guys will be paying from the hilt. When something goes wrong with the economy whom do we blame? KDA. I am right so far. Why? Because he is the PM. Right? Yes, again I am. So, who was minister of security then? It was this Guy. Right? Right again. Then, if the police do not perform their duties properly then who is to be blamed? This Guy! Right? Right again!

      By the way, today, whom do people like you blame for the "high crime"? LaCorbs! So if it is good for LaCorbs why not for this Guy?


  9. We all know Kenny will allegedly pay his legal fees with Tax Payers Money ...His favourite lawyer and friend Astaphan will not charge less than $$500 thousand xcd ....


  10. It was time you took some action. Kenny does not want to take the blame of IMPACS so he keep passing the buck. You are quite right make him shut up and put his tail between his legs and accept his wrong doing. All St Lucians heard the statements several times, except the party hacks who turned a deaf ear


  11. I am glad Mayers did that. I hope he wins the case too. This Kenny has no class, gallivanting and talking foolishness on party platforms just like the others. But hey, this is our Prime Minister.


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