Massy employee fired, charged for stealing slice of cake worth $7

By Searchlight

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A slice of cake

(SEARCHLIGHT) – “A record for a piece of cake,” the magistrate commented at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as a 21-year-old former employee of Massy Stores was charged before him.

A former cashier assistant at Massy supermarket, Arnos Vale, Nagee Farrell was charged with stealing a slice of cake from his workplace, worth just over $7.

When he appeared before the court in September, the young man pleaded guilty to the offence.

The court heard that Farrell’s indiscretions were captured on camera, and were discovered by two employees who were reviewing the footage.

He was observed going into the deli area at 6:15 p.m., taking the cake, and not proceeding to the cash desk. Instead Farrell was seen going into the back of the store with the slice of cake, and re-emerging without the cake.

When he was questioned, the accused apparently admitted to taking the cake without paying for it, and the police were called in.

The former student of the Dr JP Eustace Secondary School, who had been working at the Massy Stores for “a year and some,” was said to have no previous convictions before the court.

When asked, Farrell told senior magistrate Rickie Burnett that he had already been fired from his job at the supermarket.

As a reason for his actions, the young man indicated that he had submitted to ‘temptation.’

“It is one thing to be tempted,” Burnett responded, “Now you are out of a job.”

“You have now attracted a criminal record for an item worth seven one dollars,” and some cents, the Magistrate commented.

“That to me is painful. Painful!” he continued. “A record for a piece of cake,” he stated.

As for sentencing, Burnett stated, “In my opinion you have been punished already by your employer.”

He stated that he could not understand ‘these things,’ “I really, really cannot understand,” and that Farrell was aware of the security that Massy had.

He commented again on the young man having obtained a record “for less than $10”, mentioning that just before Farrell appeared before him, there was a teenager who had been charged with stealing a doughboy worth $2.90.

He reminded Farrell that what he had done was wrong “according to the law,” but said that he was minded to reprimand and discharge him.

Massy Stores declined to comment when contacted by SEARCHLIGHT.

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  1. It's sad when situations like this arise.This is a young man whom, I believe was hungry and probably was ashame to ask a colleague for a favor and chose to go the wrong way.The fact that he never left the store,he should have asked to pay for the item,get fired but don't involve the police.In my estimation it's unfair to punish someone twice for the same offence,now he has criminal record which is stealing it makes it more difficult for him to get a job out there. I urge him to think positive over the situation and let this be a lesson learnt for the future.

  2. Alot of times these supermarkets does throw away unused food items smh

  3. If he was hungry he could have asked someone to buy or even borrow the money and why cake anyways? Who knows how many times he has taken small items such as this and have gotten away with it? Maybe he was being monitored, who knows? In my opinion it could have been handled without the law and criminal record but hey may be it was to teach him a valuable lesson. Spare the rod .. spoil the child.

  4. Natural justice my brother....isn't that what the unions want?!

  5. Choops ! Maybe he was hungry ?? "Assistant to the cashier" meaning he just packing bags. I would caution him deduct the $7 from his pay and send him home for 2 weeks. I would not let it get this far yes its wrong to steal but I would not ruin the mans life over a piece of cake

  6. He should of ask a co-worker or supervisor to buy the cake slice for him. He has now negatively impact the rest of his life for less than 8 EC

  7. Seriously boycott that store. what the heck?? only in stupid st vincent those judgements coming from. try that nonsense here in SLU.

    • Law is law.

      It can start small and who knows. I'm sorry he lost his job and now has a criminal record, but he has a brain and had to weigh the consequences of his actions. Did he need that cake so desperately? And if yes, he should have paid for it.

      • pay chou! hypocrites like u and others that always feel u all are more upright and moral than others while u all do even worst nastiness is wat is wrong with our caribbean society today. salops all of u backing this.

        • What's the purpose for your foul language? Can't people just argue respectfully now? It's this type of attitude and mentality that has messed and messing up the Caribbean society. I'm sure this will be received negatively but who cares 😊 (definitely not me)

          • u are another hypocrite as the writer rightly pointed out. the language is what you worried about since you so high and mighty while casting stones on caribbean society. your tall tales and righteous stance speaks volume about your character. more so than the person u are attempting to castigate. go away two-faced and doubled edged sword.

        • Just make him pay for it, even if he had to pay $18 or suspend him for a week we all make mistakes

    • It's hard to boycott the monopoly just like JQ. Milk the working poor by paying and lobbying to keep competition out that formula is still in place in St Lucia and St Vincent today

  8. This ridiculous i am not for one stealing at all but this was not money was a slice of cake... maybe he was hungry ...many times employees cant eat lunch on time at work places and have to do over time which they are never paid for lets talk about that.this could have clearing been dealt with within the company and not to the law enforcement massy .Now let talk about the boss who steal large sums of money in those companies and names are never mentioned ,They were just fired. Dont be too quit to judge Massy Stores you are not Perfect ....your flaws are jst hidden.

    • The young man must have been hungry and did not have enough cash to pay for the cake. So why was he fired in the first place, just take the $7 from his next check now his record is ruined because they have made an example of the poor guy. This is to show you how cruel and callous we are to one another in this day and age.

  9. Young man, it is not the value of the stolen item but the principle - you must not steal! $7 today can easily be $2000 tomorrow. Massy's actions has taught you a valuable lesson that can save you from going to prison or losing your life later...

    • Shut your yap you. We are steal in some forms or ways. I am not condoning stealing, but steal the bosses time. To take the matter to court is obserd. I say boycott massy.

      • speak for yourself bro....

      • you're an idiot! i hope you have no kids.....its people like you whose children end up on the wrong side of the fence and then show up on our television sets saying " he never look for truble weeth nooboordy uhn"'re such a jacket!

    • Don't believe this lapse in judgement necessitated legal action.some things could be handled without the organization. All who have harsh remarks,must remember that they themselves are not without sin.Sad that this resulted in him getting criminal record but again those involved in pursuing this matter in court ,have themselves set standard for their own judgement.Hope they and their families never falter in judgement.Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy


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