Massive Gros Islet awards set for Labour Day

Massive Gros Islet awards set for Labour Day
Acting PM Minister Emma Hippolyte. Photo credit:
Acting PM Minister Emma Hippolyte. Photo credit:
Acting PM Minister Emma Hippolyte. Photo credit:

PRESS RELEASE – The Gros Islet district will be observing Labour Day this year in an unprecedented fashion with the staging of a ceremony to honour the services of over 50 persons from the various communities in this sprawling constituency.

 The Gros Islet Awards, which is to be held at the Gros Islet Secondary School on Monday  2nd May from 400 pm , is the brainchild of Gros Islet Parliamentary Representative Emma Hippolyte, who throughout her tenure from 2011 has been placing emphasis on empowering her constituents through various social programmes.

According to Ms Hippolyte:  “The observance of Labour Day and the acknowledgment of the contribution of workers to the development of the country is usually done through the Trade Union movement.  

This year I thought we should honour the outstanding services that people from various walks of life in Gros Islet have given to the development of the constituency through excellence in the various fields; so I have instituted the Gros Islet Awards which is going to be the major vehicle for recognizing the work of the people of Gros Islet.”

The Gros Islet Awards will honour persons who have given outstanding services in the following fields: The Media, Arts and Music, Youth Development, Sports Development, Sports, Teaching, Nursing and Home Care, The Police and Fire Services, Micro and Small Business including the Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party, Fishing, Farming, Taxi Driving, Minibus Driving, Mothers and Fathers.


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  1. Great initiative Ms. Emma Hippolyte..whether of not it is being done for political reasons, the individuals nominated for awards truly deserve to be.....hats off to you!!!!!


  2. Out of the 5 years, these politicians work for about 4months. And some people refuse to realize that. That simply means that they don't care a heck about themselves and others. Once their party is in no problem. Selfish Lucian's.


  3. LMAO i have never heard a community giving awards to its supporters/party voters.... Poor jab. One day these politicians will stop pissing in our eyes and actually take matters of the country seriously... like actually improving the country and not stroking their egos or gathering support to ensure another term.


  4. All the above comments are just coming from ignorant mouths.....why honouring ppl have to be political?? Put it to rest....on the other note SLP BY BLOOD.


  5. From day one everything that woman does is forpolitical gain and for her re election. She first, SLP second SND the people third.
    Insincerity at the maximum


    • Human beings are creatures of habit. The smart ones analyse a situation and always decide a course of action. The brainless ones keep going the same route no matter the circumstance, and lately with the crop of electorates in this country and they naive attitude to never question, never demand, never ask for more. All they do is argue for the party they were raised and indoctrinated into NEVER making a conscious decision. So im not holding my breathe on change...then again change to what??


  6. Hello,why now? Should've in the peak of the sufferation,good timing to look good.....ou ka suum!!


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