UPDATE: Massive fire rips through Soufriere Town (see video)

UPDATE: Massive fire rips through Soufriere Town (see video)

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Six buildings have been completely destroyed and five partially affected following a massive fire in Soufriere Town on Thursday around midnight.

Reports are that the fire may have started in Ultra Mart, in front of the Soufriere Square, which quickly spread to other buildings in the commercial district.

Alfred’s Hardware Store is said to have been burnt to the ground, while the Monrose building and Allain’s Supermarket were both affected by the fire.

The Soufriere Fire Service is currently being assisted by other departments including the Marine Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with a portable pump.

Fire fighters are still to determine the cause of the fire.

No injuries were reported.



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  1. I am very sad of the People that lose there jobs and st lucians we have to keep on praying and i have lots of clothes for you st lucians


  2. Did anybody notice the fire changed shapes!! It took on the shape of an animal then a demonic creature and then an animal again. Smh! Watch the video again!


  3. My heart goes out to the persons who have lost their Jobs in this hard dry guava season when jobs aren't plentiful to begin with and a failing economy . Look at these things how will be survive this . Our Town is almost asleep already what's next . The firemen seem clueless ! Instead of a highway on a road that is already functional choc to grow islet why not making sure our firemen get the proper raining hydrans have a steady supply of water . Please we beg !


  4. Is that a warning from above? is someone trying hard to get
    our attention? So close to the Historic Catholic Church, and
    thats not the first time. People be good to each other; we never
    know when our time comes. It is always the poor who suffers
    most. The Government should think twice on spending $150
    million on beautifying a road from Choc to Gros Islet, and
    spread some of this cash in immediate projects that is worth
    the benefit to the people. Soufriere, why the blight on you?
    Pull yourselves together you always used to produce the best
    agriculture on the Island, so why the visitation of this punishment?

    Gather all the young men together, both the employed and the unemployed
    let all know that there is work to be done, and put all grievances aside, politics
    and all and get your heads together and recreate and relive the old blessings.


  5. These things are not mere coincidences. The Most High is warning us to put our house in order. He is coming soon. Things will only get worse.


  6. More people unemployed. Insurance is not covering the whole cost of rebuilding and loss of income in most cases.


  7. Oh my. My heart goes out to the ppl of Soufriere. We as a country should come together to help them get back on their feet and start the rebuilding process. Some of our historic buildings got completely destroyed. Sadly we cannot get that back but we definitely need to help the ppl of the town. Some have no where to work after this. I am glad that no one got hurt or lost their lives but let us come together.


  8. So many unexplained fires.
    This fire affected the business centre of Soufriere town and, sadly, many workers may be out of a job during the Christmas Season.


  9. my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of soufriere who have suffered because of this disaster.


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